2014 calendar contest

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RPM Enterprises

Jan 14, 2002
Rugerville,WA. U.S.A.
I have been working on the Ruger 2014 calendar. I was talking with another collector and he had mentioned that I should get pictures from other collectors to use. I have seen some photos of RF members and some of you folks take some awesome shots. So here is what I will do. Remember the calendar is titled Ruger Firearms and Memorabilia. If you can take a picture of your favorite Ruger firearm and possibly an example of some kind of Ruger memorabilia along with it "memorabilia is not required" I will pick 13 photos and post your name with the photo and some information about what is pictured. Example would be like a Ruger Blackhawk Ross variation about 800 made, serial number XXXX and if you have a piece of memorabilia like a "example" 1969 coffee mug I could add that information also along with the name of the person who submitted the picture. Each person who's picture I use will receive a copy of the 2014 calendar. I would like to put a deadline of October 1st for pictures being submitted. You can submit your photos to [email protected] Please add any information about the picture and title the email Ruger Calendar Contest.