10/22 Takedown Problem With Supressor

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Jan 8, 2014
I recently purchased a 10/22 Takedown model and on the first range session I had an excessive POI shift with my suppressor installed.

I was plinking targets on the berm at 60 yards. The gun was accurate and the sights were "on". When I threaded my suppressor onto the gun the point of impact shifted 1.5 - 2 feet! I expect some shift, however 2 feet is a lot!

When I looked down the barrel I noticed the suppressor is canted ever so slightly to the left. The suppressor was secured tight onto the gun and showed no signs of baffle strikes (thank goodness). Additionally, this suppressor has proven to be very accurate on other rifles/pistols where it generates very little shift in POI.

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue? The flat shoulder on this barrel for the suppressor to bottom out against is the front of the front sight. It appears they machine the barrel and then press the front sight onto it. Any variation in front sight dimensions could easily shift the suppressor out of concentricity. Regardless, this barrel has issues.

The rifle is on the way back to Ruger for evaluation. Since I had owned it less than 24 hours, my dealer asked if I wanted him to send it back. He also saw the slight cant with the suppressor installed. This is the level of customer service that brings me back to his shop.

Updates to come.

Dec 25, 2007
Look at the platform from an engineering standpoint and the POI shift is easily understood.
First off, there's a "slip fit connection between receiver and barrel. Expecting any real accuracy is chasing rainbows.
Secondly, the addition of several ounces of muzzle weight can change POI even with a solidly mounted barrel. The shift when adding that weight to the end of that "slip fit" barrel can(and in your case IS) problematic.
Third, the "canted" appearance indicates mis-aligned threads. Even if you don't find baffle strike damage doesn't mean bullets aren't kissing the guts of the can somewhere.
Were the bullets scattered at the shifted POI or was the entire group simply moved "1.5-2 feet"? With 22 rim fire, I've found that subtle baffle/end cap contact can occur w/o showing any damage or significant marks and may not be consistent(like 2 or 3 flyers out of 10 shots). All of the Ruger factory barrels I've used have been fine but that doesn't mean there's not a problem child floating around.