Walking through the park and reminiscing...

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Feb 8, 2014
Atlanta, GA
My twin boys are going to college next year and that got me feeling all nostalgic. So I go to my safe and take out one of my oldest friends...one I've loved much longer than my wife. Which is probably why she's jealous, saying "For Christ's sake, it's JUST another gun!!!". Bought her in 1990, right after I got out of the Corps. Sent her to Mr. Clements in 2000 for a shorter barrel, trigger job, grip work and new sights. Sent it back to him a few months ago and he was kind enough not to laugh too hard when the problem turned out to be me skiddle-eee-dooing a spring putting her back together. The grips he made for me are long gone in some backwoods pond when I got the gun wet and took them off to wipe some CLP inside. Pro Tip: Don't clean your gun next to a bucket of slippery bass. I wanted to install a lanyard ring but the serial number is right on the bottom of the grip so I could have a grip reduction or a ring...not both. Now I sand down factory grips to get a good fit. These are about half-way done. Have some left-over Lignum Vitae from my last woodworking project so I'll probably try my hand on making grips out of it before fishing season along with sewing up a new flap holster from horsehide. I've thought about selling before but always pull the plug..although less often that I've thought about getting rid of the wife. :)


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