Think you've seen everything?

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Feb 22, 2007
Is that a Band-Aid on the front sight?
I've seen a 38 special gun with the front part of the cylinder removed for target shooting.

bogus bill

Dec 25, 2009
Ma always told me there is nothing new under the sun. Also that there was no two snowflakes alike. This is a Colt SAA. It`s converted to .22 LR same as the subject gun. Has been left to "look" like a .45 at the muzzle and front of the cylinder (stationary) has a 22 caliber barrel that pass`s through the front of the cylinder and the rear half of the cylinder revolves.
The gun belonged to a old gun collector, a close friend and mentor of mine that I credit more than anyone that got me started collecting. Ura "Duke" Duvall. He`s been gone for quie some time. Duke`s brother in law, Arnold "Al" Capone that owned King Gun Works is thought the gunsmith that put it all together. It also has the longer grip frame. Dukes initials are on the stocks, first D backwards. I believe the gun was featured on the cover of one of the large gun magazines in the early 1960`s or late 1950`s. I handled the gun and it was a work of art. I am not sure but it seems I recall Duke saying old gun writer Tommy Bish might also had a hand in it. I have another remodeled Colt SAA that was a Copper Queen gun the pair worked over too. It also had custom made sights on it.


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