The nine gun set.

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Dec 3, 2021
I'm getting closer and closer. As I and the Gunsmith completed the 6 Single Sixes project pictured, someone committed, hey what about that other grip frame. Well I got to thinking why not. I knew the only true Bisley stainless gun was manufactured some time back so I started looking. As it turned out Robert Livingston aka Weasel-Meat-Gravy had a KRB-24FW 4&5/8" barrel, 22lr only as they were produced, new in the box.

I told him of my plan and he was kind enough to send it directly to TGWs to save me some shipping cost, away it went. Now Bobby received the gun and went to work on the creation of the third gun to make the trio. The gun was completed, he reached out, and what do you know. The engraver got his wires crossed and didn't get the photos of the birdhead and plowhandle, His finished engraving didn't match the 2 GKNR 5&6F that they cut down the barrels on and engraved as shown. Bobby reached out to Ruger and they produced a fixed sight Bisley gun in short order and shipped it to him. Apparently he has some clout with them. When it arrived he sent me a couple of pictures and I noticed right off that the cylinder was fluted and the originally gun had a non-fluted when these KRBs were manufactured. He couldn't find a non-fluted cylinder so he purchased an adjustable sight model that the cylinder measured what was needed. If I'm not mistaken that gun was on his store revolvers for sale page with a fluted cylinder and a couple of more items added.

I'm going to have him tweak the Bisley cylinder with a couple of engraved lines around the end to keep the theme going as to how they look. Had I been thinking I could have turned this gun into a 22Lr/22Mag convertible to match the GK models and the cylinders would have made an exact match. I guess I still can make that happen….

The case color guns are BNV 224&5 which were cut down and customized with the full treatment. I found a 22Lr/22Mag Cabela's Ruger limited addition that has a 5.5 inch barrel that is turning into a Bisley. I'll drop by and pick it up early October. The grip frame has to go to Chigs for the Amboya wood grips to match. Chigs was kind enough to purchase the wood for his supplier in Thailand and has been holding it waiting on the GF.

The blue and black grip guns are NR4-FL, 4th​ production of the series. I found a super deal on a 50th​ Single Six 4&5/8 inch NR-4F-50. I'll be dropping off that gun in October for the Bisley treatment.

I left the barrel lengths as is on the guns I found for the blue Bisley conversion, as I think it goes much better with the 3.5 inch pair, as does the length of the stainless. Maybe I'll be all finished up with this 9 gun project by the end of the year. By the way the plowhandle guns have a steel grip frames as I'm not fond of the aloy models.

I was out on the back deck this evening giving a couple of squirrels the what for with the stainless Bisley gun. James one, squirrel one, the fox will have dinner at her eating station tonight.

BT Single Sixes 1 FullSizeR.jpg

BT Single Six Stainless FullSizeR (00A).jpg

BT Single Six Stainless FullSizeR (003).jpg