Some SP-101 9x19 chrono data

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Mar 28, 2001
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
In case anyone's interested . . . .

Just got a good deal on one of the new release SP-101s in 9x19. It shot well: small groups exactly at POA with any lighter ammo; larger groups above POA with 147-grainers.

The following chrono data is from my range visit at the Albuquerque City Range yesterday morning (5980'>sea level, c. 65 degrees F, c. 15% humidity):
S&B 124-gr ball - M 1085 fps/spread 20.33/deviation 8.36
Remington Golden Saber 124-gr +P BJHP bonded M 1174/S 28.40/D 12.24
Winchester Ranger 127-gr +P+ RA9TA M 1249/S 34.06/D 14.10
Speer Gold Dot 147-gr JHP M 954.9/S 33.92/D 13.41
Federal 115-gr +P JHP 9BPLE M 1246/S 42.60/D 17.80

The RA9TA and Golden Saber grouped well enough to carry. 9x19 is a lot easier to shoot out of a Ruger SP-101 than it is a S&W 940 (or, at least how I recall that one to have shot for me years ago).

Incidentally, this SP-101 has better finish/rounding of the edges of the trigger guard than did my 2.25" or 3" .357 SPs (or my 4.2" GP, for that matter), which I had to dress with a file and refinish to prevent pinching. The hammer is some weird new MIM thing (I'm fine with that) and the trigger pull and overall finish is just fine - and I appreciate that Ruger hid the "billboard" underneath the barrel shroud. The gun fits in my D-frame holsters fine.