Smoke pole season in KY

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Jan 4, 2004
Well, two days of hunting and a big goose egg. Saturday, not only did I not see a single deer, but I never heard the first gun go off anywhere! Usually on opening day, even muzzle loading season, it sounds like a war going on. But not this year, not one gun did I hear all day. Sunday I heard either one deer twice, or two deer before sun rise. Of course after the sun come up they had already moved on. Got tired of sitting and walked around some on my father in laws property where I have had success in the past. Spooked two about 100 yards off, seen nothing but tail. Sunday I heard quite a few shots, but not near as many as usual. Hopefully regular gun season will be more productive. I am taking a week off this year, so surely to heaven I can get one or two!