Second time out with my new 2245 - update

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Feb 2, 2008
I have the Davidsons exclusive blued 5 1/2" fluted bbl hunter, fiber sights. First time out a couple weeks ago, I fired 150 rounds, had 5 failures to feed in the first 4 magazines full, which I found was because I did not have the magazine seated completely. The nose of the bullet was being slammed into the bottom of the feed ramp, splitting the nose of the bullet quite nicely. Not a single problem after that. That was 100 rounds of CCI minimags, and 50 rounds of old Winchester Super-X high velocity copper washed solids.

Today, I fired 100 Winchester 36g hp from the 333 bulk pack, and 50 Remington Golden bullets so often bad mouthed on this and other boards. I had one FTF with each, and I think I may have "limp-wristed" the gun on those shots. I was firing fairly rapidly (for our range, which doe not allow "rapid-fire" or double-taps) Absolutely no other trouble with chambering, firing, or extracting/ejecting.

So - I have used 4 different brands/types of ammo - and been happy with each of them. I'm also happy with the narrow factory grip - no plans to change anything. Well, maybe, I've got a green-dot sight on my .454 Super Redhawk right now that might be interesting...

I have found that I liked the green fiber better than the red, at least at the targets I was shooting. I have used these sessions (and hopefully again tomorrow) as "breaking-in" for both me and the pistol. I plan on running 200 rounds through it tomorrow to get the count up to 500 total before I take it down for cleaning. I did clean it before shooting the first time. The trigger seems to be improving as I shoot it.

Okay, update. I Went back to the range today. Fired 220 rounds. All but 10 were the Winchesters from the 333 bulk pack. the other 10 were CCI Stingers. All 220 rounds functioned perfectly, no FTF, no extraction problems, nothing. I like this gun.

I now have 520 rounds through it without cleaning. I should have the time this w/e to get that done, but actually it doesn't look too bad.

The two things that I feel are important to new owners of these 2245's....
1. Make sure your magazine is fully seated in the gun before chambering a round. I do this by wiggling the base of the mag forward and back a bit with upward pressure after inserting it.
2. Have the nose of the top round in the magazine elevated a bit before chambering.


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