SBH Bisley .454 Range report

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Chuck 100 yd

Mar 20, 2010
Ridgefield WA
I finally got to shoot it. These targets were fired at 45' just to get sighted in. The first target shows the point of impact as received from Ruger. I did not touch the sights.
The loads are some I had found to do well in my other .454`s and seem a good place to start load development . 300 gr. XTP over 29 gr IMR 4227 A good load.

Lyman 452651 325 gr. over 25 gr. IMR 4227 another good load.
Both loads give a brisk recoil in the SBH but not overly hard on the hands.
Two handed and rested.

I later set the target out to 50 yards and fired five. The group was about four inches high with 4 out of 5 in about 4". I pulled one left about 4 more inches.

Now I Make no claim to be a good shot with a handgun but am plenty pleased with how this one shoots. I will be practicing more as I work on the load development.
This gun has a very nice and predictable trigger pull, I do need to work on my follow through the most. NO knuckle banging at all as I was wearing a Bob Allen shooting glove .