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Dec 8, 2005
Lemont, PA, USA 16851
Not sure how many people actually read the "stickies" when they get "old" and large so I'm doing this one in hopes a lot of people look it over.

The ROCS poker size playing cards HAVE ARRIVED. You can find them at the ROCS web site

If you're in the Cincinnati, OH area (or even a couple hours drive), July 14 and 15 is the OGCA (Ohio Gun Collectors Association) show that will be featuring the ROCS displays. Here's a little blurb I posted in my sticky:

For those who are going to the OGCA show on July 14-15 and going to the ROCS banquet on Sat July 14, there's going to be a great raffle. We're giving away a PC9 and a Security 9 as a package. Win this raffle and get both guns. You can buy tickets at the show/banquet or by mail through the ROCS site (see the homepage).

Also at the auction there will be a lot of great auction items to bid on:

A hand made quilt with the ROCS logo, with patches from the OGCA and CMP integrated into the quilt. It will be lap size but also will have the ability to be hung.

There is going to be a "mystery" long gun case full of great items (total retail value of over $250). Only 2 people know what is in it and I don't think the buyer will be disappointed.

I also believe there will be a poker set for auction as well as a lot of knives, holsters and other items for both the live and silent auctions.

Even if you don't display, you can come to the show and the banquet. If you are not a OGCA member you can still come to the show, you just have to have a member get you a guest pass and with the number of OGCA members there are on this forum, that shouldn't be a problem. Just let us know and I'm sure someone will take care of you. You can PM me and I'll find a sponsor for you.

You can also just come to the banquet if you want - the food is GREAT and the atmosphere with all the Ruger people from around the country is outstanding and we have a lot of fun. If that interests you let me know and I'll get you in touch with the banquet director.

I was discussing displays with several of the ROCS founding members this week and we really want to get the message out to ALL Ruger lovers, not just the ones that do collecting, "serious" or not. You DO NOT have to be a "serious" collector to have a display, you can display ONE Ruger if you want. We just want you to display what you like and if there is a story behind it, tell it!

The nature of our displays is to "show and tell" other gun owners what Rugers are all about. Displays DO NOT have to be "one of a kind" or NIB or unfired Rugers or anything like that. We want to educate the non-Ruger owners to what Rugers are all about. Example - At one time, I was going to use an old knotty pine gun cabinet with a Ruger Red Label, a #1, a 77/44, a 10/22 and several handguns and title it "Some Rugers Used For Hunting". Pretty simple display but shows people some of the variety of Rugers.

I can just about guarantee that if you display once, you will be hooked.

If you have any questions about ROCS, what we do, who we are, etc. You can post them here or go to the ROCS site and learn all about us.

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