Ruger Model 77 "American Express" version

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Nov 15, 2013
Charleston, WV
Sometime ago posted that I had acquired one of these rifles in caliber 30-06 caliber new condition for it had never been shot by the original owner. Had no plans on selling it so decided I would shoot it for its first time at my local range. Original owner and I go there on a regular basis, and he wanted to see how it would shoot. Currently have a Leupold 2.5 scope with German post reticle reticle which is a pointed style and range was 100 yards. Placed the point in the center of the target and shot 3 times. With spotting scope was not sure but upon physically examining the target those three shots made a somewhat larger hole than a normal 30 caliber bullet would make, so it was three shots in basically one hole!!! My long-term friend and shooting buddy was somewhat shocked at that and said he would like to buy it back from me. He has the "mate" to my rifle but it is a 270 Win. caliber and he is to bring it to the range this coming Sunday and will shoot his at that time. This model of the Ruger 77 is fine example of Ruger in its glory days so to speak is one fine rifle in appearance and performs much better than I ever expected.


Mar 24, 2023
Is this the Ruger 77 Mk II, RSEX, with the integral milled quarter rib, barrel band sling swivel, and banded front sight, steel floorplate, and "ebony" forend tip?

I have one in 30-06. Really nice rifle, from the days when Bill Ruger cared and developed quality firearms.