Ruger CS praise

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Jan 30, 2015
Three weeks ago got my new Redhawk 45acp/45colt. The trigger was really rough and gritty.
When I took it down to polish it up it was a b*t^ch to get the trigger group apart (something was not right)
I have other Redhawks and never had a problem taking them apart. Got it apart ,polished it up and getting the trigger group back in the frame was another big pain in the a$$. :( SOMETHING WAS NOT RIGHT WITH THIS REVOLVER.
I called customer service on Thursday got a RA number shipped it off Friday the 4th of Sept. Got it back today Sept. 15 with new hammer ,trigger ,pawl ,cylinder latch , trigger plunger , trigger guard latch retainer pin , front latch , trigger guard latch , adjusted headspace , barrel gap, lineup, safty test and test fired.
WOW I was expecting 4 weeks. Very impressed big A+ to Ruger CS.
It has a nice trigger now and shooting will only improve it :D


Jan 28, 2016
I know this thread has some age on it but I would like to add my praise of Ruger CS. My brand new Redhawk 45ACP/45LC had an issue with the cylinder not closing when loaded with properly moonclipped 45ACP. 45LC was fine. Spoke with CS in Newport, NH and they promptly emailed me a prepaid shipping label. Sent the revolver away and got it back within 2 weeks with a new parts and in perfect working order. I'm very pleased.

Thank you for the great service Ruger!