Ruger American Competition Range Report

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Dec 17, 2015
Reading, Pa
Gun came in a nice plastic case with 3 heavily textured back straps and two 17-round magazines. The small back strap feels the best in my hand but the medium is the one I shoot the best and is best for sight acquisition with the easy to see HiViz front sight. The gun came out of the box with the usual large amount of protective goo and after a cleaning the slide worked smooth as silk. The slide lock only moves a little bit and is very easy to release, takedown is simple, 17 rounds went into each magazine with the expect effort and with no effort using a loader. The trigger is smooth, the pull on my gauge is 5.5 lbs but it feels lighter than that when shooting.

It was 41 degrees, windy, and the occasional drizzle was falling at the range so I didn’t stay as long as I should have. I was shooting 115gr FMJ Blazer and Sierra 115gr JHP to see how things cycled. The rear sight is fully adjustable and was close for me out of the box, from seven yards I was happy pretty quick and moved back to 15. I put 150 rounds of Blazer through it and 50 rounds of Sierra with zero malfunctions. More practice and maybe some adjustments will be made when it’s not so miserable at the range. All in all I’m really happy so far as this is a house gun with 15 rounds of Sierra in both mags in a piece of concealment furniture. Targets are at 15 yards, standing, no rest.



Apr 6, 2017
I had an American in .45ACP. It was a very accurate, and the engineering is quite remarkable, probably the best of the chassis guns. However in this day and age 10 rounds of .45ACP it falls a bit short, and it was quite sensitive to bullet shape. My favorite .45ACP bullet is the H&G 68, a 200 gr. SWC, the American would not reliably feed that bullet. I sold the American, and bought a Remington RP 45, it feeds anything, from round balls seated at the "equator" to 240 gr. H&G SWC bullets. Magazine capacity of 15 rounds. I am a Ruger fan, I have been buying and using Rugers for the last 50 years. The American was the only "speed bump" in my half century with Ruger.