Ruger 22 Hornet - I like it!

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Jun 23, 2009
I'd heard that Ruger .22 Hornets were not any good (but that was usually from people who shot .223's most of the time anyway), but Ruger is giving away a free Carhart Jacket* if you buy a bolt gun before December 31st this year, and I have sold and traded enough stuff I didn't need to get something else I don't need, so figured since I do like Rugers, I'd give one a try.

* Ruger Carhart offer - [url=][/url]

[..."Hon, my jacket was getting kind of worn, and I had a chance to pick up a FREE Carhart jacket (..."free" with purchase of $600 gun...), are you OK with that...?" :? :lol: ]

I just wanted sort of a ".22 caliber .32-20" - something center-fire in .22, but not with the blast of a short .223 nor the weight of a 'target' .223. Something else I don't need, but wanted to fiddle with.

Since factory ammo at Gander Mountain was $49.99 for a 50-round box, I decided to just order brass, bullets, and dies, but is so darned fast at delivering that the gun was at my FFL's five days after the on-line order was placed, and MidwayUSA only had a three day head-start on sending me the brass and dies. So today I picked up the gun, and a bag of 50 mixed-brass (some of it pretty old looking) reloads at the local gun shop.

Here's the gun (with my BSA 32x "test-out-all-new-guns-to-see-their-potential" scope on it).


Here's the target - 1 shot (way high), sight adjust , 1 shot (a bit low), sight adjust, then two groups to semi-finalize sighting in. It's only 50 yards, but for my level of 'marksmanship' that's a pretty good start. 8)


Pretty good for mixed-brass gunshop reloads, in a gun everyone seems to say is terrible. I think there's alot of 'Ruger-haters' in the bolt-gun crowd, but so far, I've not been disappointed in any Ruger bolt guns (or lever guns) I've ever shot.


Jan 12, 2009
Montana 'Merica
I can't say I'm disappointed in any of my Rugers at all.

I have a 22 Hornet Ruger as well, mine is the blued/walnut version with the 20" barrel. I'm still doing some load development, but its very promising at this point shooting 1" groups at 75 yards. The Hornet is a very fun caliber and has an edge over the .22 WMR in better bullets and velocity and with reloads is just as cheap to shoot.

13.0 grains of Lil Gun with any case, any 30-45 grain bullet bullet, the Rem 6 1/2 or any other small pistol primer will give excellent velocity and accuracy. Lil Gun can not go over pressure, you can not fit enough in the case to cause pressure issues.


Mar 23, 2009
I love my hornet, even if it's not a Ruger. Most factory ammo has been disappointing for me, but handloading really makes the .22 hornet shine. The lil'gun load mentioned above easily shoots .5in groups in my Savage, and I can easily hit prairie dogs out to about 225 yds. Definitely a fun caliber, without all the noise.


Jan 4, 2004
Rugerville, AZ
Small pistol primers are fine... as long as your firing pin is not too long or pointy in any way. A blown primer can be dangerous so wear glasses as a min always!

Great guns, those 77/22 Hornets!