RENE teaser ~ "Eaglebeak" Rugermania Album(s)

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Sep 18, 2002
Lake Lure NC USA
Ok, I finished reading my RENE that just arrived. The teaser is the offering of the "Eaglebeak" Rugermania Album(s) WITHOUT info on how to get them!

Ok Chad,, or James,,, post it up as I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to order this.
I'll be the first one to say I want "all 3" of them!
Jun 19, 2009
I already sent my order in for all three. I just addressed it to:

James "Eaglebeak" Cale
FFA, 30th Anny Edition Rugermania Album
Funny Farm, USA

I'm pretty sure it'll get to the right place...


Jan 22, 2001
Dawson, Iowa
James Cale's Rugermania Album #3 as well as his remaining supply of Album's #1 and #2 can be purchased from James Cale, 354 Nelson Ave., Preston, ID 83263
His email address is [email protected] where paypal funds can also be sent.
Phone (208) 852-2557.
Be sure to contact James as these Albums do belong in any Ruger collectors' library.

P.S....perhaps this info can be made as a sticky in this section??


Dec 9, 2014
Pardon my ignorance, but what is "RENE" I've seen referred to several times now on this forum?
Nov 17, 2009
Webster, MD.
That is the "Red Eagle News Exchange". Chet15, that posted above this, is the publisher. Send him a PM and he will give you all the necessary info. He has 'must read' info on everything Ruger.
Nov 3, 2017
FINALLY!.... the information many of you have been requesting. The Rugermania Albums 1,2&3 are now available and listed on Ebay. I am sure that you will enjoy them. Just a few comments about them, are listed below.
All the best,and yours in Rugermania,
Jim Cale. Alias "Eaglebeak"

The Rugermania Album For the not so serious - serious Ruger collector.
Album No. 1 new (old stock) 1983, 22 pages,$29.95.
Album No. 2 new (old stock) 1983,52 pages $29.95.
Album No. 3 new 2013,112 pages $39.95.
OR all three albums at a collector discount of $89.95.

All albums are signed and numbered. A small quantity of first editions are still available. Some have minor blemishes or air bubbles to the foil cover which one reviewer called a flashy piece.

What others are saying:
The Rugermania Album - one of the funniest yet highly informative pieces on Ruger collecting, full of amusing Ruger related cartoons, articles and interviews with Ruger "biggies". It is well worth considering to add to your research library. Ruger Collectors Association, The Ruger Collectors Journal, Volume 30, No. 4.
These albums do belong in any Ruger collector's library. Red Eagle News Exchange
"I really enjoyed something light for a change and informative too. Good work." Jim Hoobler, Ruger Collector.
"I giggled like a little kid. I think you did a tremendous job." Martin G. Strouse, Ruger Collector.
"A job well done. My compliments. Fine drawings and clear photographs." Vern Hardt, Ruger Collector.
"Your irreverent, whimsical publication, your epistle...... ah, there is where humor is to repose." J. C. Munnel, Ruger collector and author, gun historian and magazine writer.
And finally, "Many thanks for your Rugermania Album. It accounted for the first good laugh I have had in weeks." James M. Triggs . Also from Jim: Upon receiving Rugermania Album No. 2; "I received it this morning and I was delighted. It's even better than the first album." Also from Jim in regard to the hyperbolic interview with W. B. R., William Batterman Ruger, "I also got a big kick out of the W. B. R. interview. This is closer to the truth than the author realizes." And in his final communication with Eaglebeak before his passing, "Keep up the good work. Is there anything else I can do for you? Please do not hesitate. I love Rugermania." Former advertising director Sturm Ruger & Co., Ruger historian and W. B. R.'s friend.

The Rugermania Album No. 1 For the not so serious - serious Ruger collector. Album No. 1 new (old stock) 1983, 22 pages,$29.95.
Also available on EBay; Rugermania Albums No. 2 & No. 3 OR all 3 albums at a collector discount of $89.95.

Sure you will like them.
Jim Cale