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May 2, 2018
I have a Ruger SR22 and am using CCI Mini Mags. Shooting at 7-10 yard paper targets and am having problems keeping on target (in the Red). While cleaning the gun I noticed that the elevation screw on top of the rear sight had backed out and was quite loose. I tightened down just enough to keep the sight from bouncing. Went to the range and worked with the RO to resight the gun. We both shot and his pattern was much tighter pattern than mine. Normaly this means that he is a better shot. Until we took out our 9mm's and I out shot his Glock 17 with my Ruger Security 9...... At this point he suggested that I spend $20.00 and buy a bore aiming kit and use that to sight in the SR. Has anyone had any expierence with a Pinty Laser bore kit ? I don't mind spending $20.00 if will fix the issue but I am a truw believer in the old adage " You get what you pay for." Thoughts ?


Oct 17, 2009
In the AZ oven (Phoenix basin)
Two thoughts:
1) The SR22P I had (lost in the boating accident) leaded up HORRIBLY when I started
shooting it. - - - Took three or four sessions to get the bore clean. NO problem after that.
2) Were you shooting from a sand bag rest to determine the accuracy? Many times just
the increased stability of the sand bags makes a HUGE difference.

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