New Mark IV Stainless Range Report

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Apr 28, 2023
Micco, Florida
Alright went to the range with my new Mark IV Stainless. Shooting Federal Champion 40gr lead round nose (# 510 ) 250 rounds not one malfunction. Trigger was much better then expected once I got my index finger placed just right on the trigger I was able to get a good pull and break. Over travel was not excessive and the break was
smooth and crisp no grit. Only shot at 7 yards to check sights, herein lies the Problem !!!!! At 75years old and wearing Progressive Lens Glasses just could not get a good sight picture. I finally had to raise my head up to use the close focus of my Trifocal Eyeglass Lenses to get a clear front sight, very uncomfortable !!!! rested the pistol on a stack of sand bags and get into position to get a descent sight picture. Sights were right on, tight group in the x ring. I'll have no problems with the accuracy of the Mark IV.
Now here is the RUB I shoot a Springfield 45 ACP with 5.25 barrel with a front fiber optic sight for IDPA two handed grip, sight picture set a center mass hold. Don't have any problem keeping the rounds in the center. Of course I'm not trying to shoot One Handed at Bullseyes 25 & 50 Yards distance. IDPA targets are quite large and just have to hit the target to score, most targets are 7 to 15 yards distance. All together different game, time is of the importance not so much precision.
Tried shooting the Mark IV with a one handed stance required for NRA Bullseye competition, really had a hard time trying to get sights aligned. I was really disappointed I bought this pistol purposely to shoot bullseye competition. Came home and researched shooting with progressive lenses. Bottom line get special shooting glasses or get a Red Dot sight. With a red dot you can use your Progressive lenses, medium to far distance focusing on the Bullseye and just super impose the dot on the target. So I ordered a Burris Fast Fire III site, comes with picatinny rail mount. "Got to do what you got to do" a little more costly then I had planned !!!
Mar 29, 2017
I think the Mark IV with the 22/45 style grip frame might solve your sighting issue as they are more 1911-like. It used to be a general recommendation that to improve ones 1911 shooting, get a Ruger 22/45 with a Volquartsen trigger kit for practice.
Good luck.