New Holster for my Colt 1911 LWT Commander .38 Super

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Oct 31, 2007
Eric Hopp out of St. Joseph, MO makes some amazing holsters. I already had him make me a stingray OWB for my S&W Shield w/Crimson Trace laser. The quality and workmanship is top notch so I ordered another holster six months ago for my Colt LWT .38 Super Commander (Talo limited edition with the black slide, silver aluminum frame, Trijicon plain rear sight with tritium front sight. I had the 1911 bobtailed and put my ebony/ivory handles on it.

I asked Eric to make the holster in brown leather to match the grips, the inlay in black shark to match the slide, and the stitching to be natural to match the ivory inlay on the handles.

I think it turned out perfect. It's an OWB/IWB with removable clips. I just love it!

His website is if you have a few minutes to spare looking at photos of gorgeously handsome holsters. Protect your keyboard from your drool before heading to his site!



Dec 16, 2005
Sadly destined to be hidden when used. Too bad the whole world can appreciate the type of workmanship exhibited here. But, if you own things like this you get to smile knowing you have something special.

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