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Sep 11, 2009
started a few weeks ago with a mk1 someone gave me. wasn't cleaned for 25 yr's.
took me three hour's because i didn't fully understand what i was doing, nor did i read the print out of instructions i made, or fully watch a youtube video that was a great help.
liked it so much got a mk111512 the day i took it to the range. field stripped it to the barrel, not brave enough at the time to remove it.
shot them both and i must say they were very accurate from 3-25 yds.
today i picked up a mk111 competition. sweet. on the ride home i decided i would field strip it the right way. the 512 only took a short amount of time, so i thought i could do the same with the competition, and remove the barrel also.
well, after reading all the negative post about field stripping, listening to the sales person at the gun shop tell me i could bring it back and get some help putting it back together, then finally on my way out with it someone was buying a mk111 standard and the final comment overheard was that if he couldn't clean it and take it apart he could bring it back with the part's in a bowl and a "professional gun smith" could clean it and put it back together for $25.
come on. i must be in the "TWILIGHT ZONE".
got home, pulled out the mallet, plastic punch, and cleaning kit. layed it on a towel and began. pulled the pin out, slid off the barrel, looked inside and found it dry, with just a hint of oil. never used anything but my hands, and hardly no force at all. very simple. oiled and lubed it up with some mil-tech, put the barrel on, slid in the receiver, put the pin in, latched it close, done. may be 25 minutes because i was like a kid in the candy store looking inside and turning the barrel over and over.
do you think i got a rare mk111?
any way i don't use the mallet or punch on any of them anymore, although the mk1 is a little tight, but i guess i would be to if i was put up and not used for 25yrs.
still look at the print out instruction's, so i'm not quit there yet.
sorry for the long post.
Dec 11, 2002
Ohio , U.S.A.
yep, it take s a bit getting used to,but not that hard to 'master'...have yet to need a mallet to take apart or put together one , the carpet 'pad' will usually do the trick........its when a pin or such drifts out of place and and "locks" the mainspring assembly in the frame, it can get a bit touchy.......
have seen LOTS of guys at shops make some money off the "failure" of folks NOT getting the proper instruction upon buying the gun in the first place, on just what makes them 'tick'..........I wish I had a penny for every one we had to show "how to do it....." I'd be rich and retired ( not just retired...) :roll:


Jan 10, 2008
Vinton, VA
Some times they just fall apart, and some times you need a mallet. It just depends on the gun.