New 77/357 scope mount question

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Oct 17, 2005
Webster, Florida
I recently bought one of the current production 77/357 stainless rifles. It came with rings and I will put a scope in those, but want a rail for a See All Open Sight that I have several of, and like on other guns.

I ordered a new B-Square base that is supposed to fit Ruger 77 and the seller assured me it would work. The three (I presume for long or short actions) mount points with hard steel discs to attach to the factory mount points did not line up with what is on the rifle.

I called B-Square and discovered that they were purchased by a larger accessory company, and basically sold off and no longer exist as a company. The tech on the phone only had information on the few remaining items they have left and this was not one of them.

I sent the mount back and got refund.

My question here is:
Have any of you put a rail type mount on the new 77/357 and if so what mount did you find that fit?

Please don’t waste band width with responses telling me to “just use the factory rings”, or such. I would be interested on suggestions on getting a rail mount in this rifle that would take a red dot or similar sight.

Thank you.


Dec 1, 1999
NC Star ($11)

Warne ($36):

Both are adjustable (can move the 'clamp' to more than one spot on the rail) to fit both the Mini and the 77/XX spacing. These will NOT work on a M77 as the bases on those rifles are not on the same plane.