My new Single Six.....

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Dec 11, 2002
Ohio , U.S.A.
MY new Single Six........and wanted to show it off for Randy , as well as just "maybe" coming across a nice RSSM box as it is in need of one,,,it is the nicest one that we have had, or come across, had a nice one early with the hard rubber ( plastic) grips and it was "like new" and in the box and my wife did not want to keep it so sold it many years ago, and I wanted to thank MP1 for the chance to see it and get it yesterday

any boxes out there?? let us know.........


  • 22 magnum RSSMW 6.5 in 1960.JPG
    22 magnum RSSMW 6.5 in 1960.JPG
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  • 22mag RSSMW 1960 ser.....JPG
    22mag RSSMW 1960 ser.....JPG
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