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Bob Wright

Jun 24, 2004
Memphis, TN USA
Yesterday evening, as we were leaving church, a friend of mine approached us as we sat in the Jeep. This man is somewhat younger than I, and we seemed to hit it off as soon as he came to our church the first time several years ago. And he's been a blessing to our church, a good cook, he's helped in our kitchen for many events held there. We both share a penchant for working with our hands, especially woodworking. And its his son that I've bragged about on several of my posts here.

He began his story telling me about a high school shop teacher he had. The teacher was a batchelor, no immediate family. And my friend always treated him with the respect due to a teacher and an elder. He always addressed him as "Mister....." and called him "Sir" in talking with him. After my friend's graduation, he kept in touch with his former teacher, not a close relationship, but a friendly contact now and then.

My friend learned of his former teacher's death a couple of months ago, and thought that was the end of it. But he got a call from a lawyer's office asking him to come by. He did so, and learned the former teacher had left him a sum of money, some $9,200.00 worth in a trust fund.

The story just warmed my heart.

Bob Wright


May 31, 2006
Scurry TX
Sometimes you don't have a clue of who's life you are making richer or who's life is making you richer (I'm not talking money).


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