HELP. Looking for a single six .22 lr. Cylinder.

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Jun 4, 2017
I have a stainless Single Six but I have misplaced/lost the .22 lr. Cylinder. Been quit some time now. The only thing I can figure is that I lost on one of my outdoor shooting trips. Anyway, it is gone. Another senior moment. Duh. Anyone have a used one for sale on my social security budget. Thanks for the help folks. I am in Missouri.


May 5, 2011
Upstate NY
Check eBay every couple of days.

There are several blued Single Six .22LR cylinders ^ here, but I didn't see any in .22LR and in stainless.
I'm assuming since your Single Six is stainless, it is a New Model. (eBay had both New & Old Model cylinders listed)

I have a .357 Mag Blackhawk in stainless and looked for at least a year for a stainless 9mm cylinder for it.
.357 Mag & 9mm, two cylinders for one revolver, and just like a dual cylinder Single Six, .22LR & .22 Mag.

I got tired of looking for the 9mm stainless cylinder and bought one in blued carbon steel.
After fitting the new cylinder, I had some bare metal, so I sent it out and it returned nicely parkerized.

You do realize that a replacement cylinder "may" require fitting so it operates safely/correctly in your Single Six?
Fortunately for you, you can measure your .22 Mag cylinder (if it is a dual cylinder gun) so you get a replacement cylinder that is dimensionally correct, or needs minimal fitting.

You'll need a vernier/dial/digital caliper for measuring. There are three critical dimensions.
You can't lengthen a cylinder easily, but it's pretty simple to do at home if it needs shortening.

My parkerized cylinder has grown on me. I almost never shoot .357 Mag anymore.
This is the stainless revolver/parkerized cylinder look below.
The revolver I bought used. It is somewhat rough in appearance, but great mechanically.
It's my tractor gun when I'm out running tractors, bush hogging, digging trenches with my backhoe.
Dirty physical hard work. I didn't want to damage a nice revolver, so I bought one that was already cosmetically challenged.
I wanted something that worked, but I wouldn't care if it got wet, muddy, or even scratched.

If you can't source one in stainless, don't be afraid to get one that is blued.

IMG_20201209_145418094 by cee_Kamp 32ACP, on Flickr
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