Harton two tone .45

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Oct 16, 2008
Texas (DFW)
I have had a 7.5" Bisley .45 languishing in the back of the safe for the better part of a year. I have never warmed up to the long barrels.
I had CAS open up the throats on a stainless Bisley .45 that I gave up on and sent up for major work. I ended up with the cylinder and barrel left over.
Happened to see the take off parts laying next to the gun one day in the safe. I love two tones. Made a call, and liked what I heard.
I sent them and the 7.5" blued Bisley down to Alan Harton.
Alan polished off the cylinder rollmark, finished(fixed?) my removal of the barrel warning label, tightened endshake, set headspace, set B/C gap and recut forcing cone.
According to Alan, it's ok to have a B/C gap that tight, since there is no endshake anymore. :)

Harton assembled .45 colt:


6 shots at the upper right corner of the tag on a 30 gallon bucket at X yards. This is as close as I could get to it and the camera was zoomed all the way in (its down in the trash ditch). I won't guesstimate yardage since there might be some naysayers here.
Load was 9 grains Herco under a 255 keith (all I had loaded).
One hole looks smaller than the rest, but they are all from the .45. Ignore the 4 to the right of the tag - previous outing.

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