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Sep 1, 2003
Richmond Texas USA
I saw this old post from 2012 and thought I would bring it back from the dead as a tribute to Alan one of the GREAT Gunsmiths and friend.

I first met Alan in 2002 and introduced him to the Ruger Forum Guys. Up until then he wasn't know to many outside of Houston as the Outstsnding Gunsmith that he is. He was doing a lot of work for us CAS shooters in the area. Also it was about this time that he was intoduced to Joe Bowman by one of the CAS shooters. He built up 19 OMs into 3 screw Vaqueros for Joe.
The first guns I had him do for me were Flattops that he converted to 45 Colt among other things. Then the list goes on and on. The last two were the ROAs that he finished last Sept.


Notice that these are 3 screw 357s made into Vaqueros


Ruger Guru
Sep 18, 2002
Lake Lure NC USA
Nice batch of guns for sure.

Alan's work was very good. I saw a pair of his worked over guns that Joe Bowman showed me once.

Robb Barnes

Sep 16, 2007
Dallas, OR US
I learned of Alan through both Wyandot Jim here and my good friend Fermin Garza, aka 2 Dogs. While I a single action guy for the most part, my first gun from Alan was a little Sp101 I had him do action work on, modify the hammer, install a set of S&W adjustable sights and a few other things. From there I decided to see if Alan liked challenges or not. I started with having him graft a Colt bisley hammer spur into a custom Colt NF and graft a SS Ruger bisley hammer spur onto a Freedom Arms gun. Both exceeded my expectations. Next up was probably the tough challenge I gave him, or so I thought! I wanted him to convert a 357 Maximum Blackhawk into a long cylinder 5 shot 414 Supermag bisley wit an octagon barrel and with the top strap totally rebuilt to replicate a Freedom Arms top strap so I could install a FA Lovell scope mount. I wanted this gun for a once in a life time antelope hunt and both Alan and the gun performed perfectly. Next up was a gun that I did not commission but that I was able to talk away from Fermin. He and Alan spent a ton of hours making a light weight old model bisley in 32-20/327. Fermin did much of the hand work to get all the surfaces perfect, Alan and he machined the tapered octagon barrel, did all the lightening cuts, converted it to a bisley configuration and fit the elephant ivory grips. Fermin did a multi page documentation of the step by step build of this gun and it like taking a course in fine handgun finishing and design. This is the closes thing I have to a laser beam gun! Finally I had Alan take a run of the mill USFA and transform it into a very cool 41 Special single action with Fishpaw musk ox grips, bisley hammer spur and a drift adjustable dovetail front sight.

I truly do not think there is anything the man behind Single Action Services can not do with a firearm. Here are a few pictures of some of the guns. The other pictures are in Photobucket purgatory.




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