Ghost Trigger Installed On The new Sr9

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Mar 22, 2008
I did want to see if the Ghost ultimate trigger bar would drop the poundage on my new sr9
Not By Much if any .
I measured the trigger lbs new from the factory at 5 lbs no gritty felling but a long pull.
I will say you need a third hand with them springs but after a few try I did get it .
I did find the trigger has very little travel now breaks fast with out the slide installed.I measured the trigger with out the slide installed 1 1/2 lbs before the break.I came to the conclusion the striker system add on the extra poundage.
My next step is to clip a coil off the striker spring,the gun will be a range gun for steel plates so I am not to concerned about a light primer hits.
The trigger still feels the same maybe if any thing drop a 1/2lbs
The gun is a shooter

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