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May 4, 2010
Maryland, USA


I am offering a selection of firearms-related books from my library. All are hardcover unless otherwise noted. All are in very good or better condition, except for specific defects noted in the descriptions. Many are mint or nearly so. Where I write "no dust jacket," in most cases this does not mean that a dust jacket has gone missing -- many these are vintage volumes or leather-bound volumes that were published without dust jackets (but there are some cases I cannot tell whether it originally had a dust jacket). Some of the books contain those little paper name plates from the original owners. Many of them are autographed by the authors, or inscribed by the author to the original owner, also as noted.

I will accommodate requests for photos within reason, as time allows.

If you see something you want, please go ahead and make an offer -- all offers will be respectfully considered. The notion of being offended by a so-called "lowball offer" is alien to me. The worst that can happen is that I will decline or make a counteroffer.

My email address is the same as my user name here, at

All prices include shipping. All books will be sent well packed via USPS Media Mail rate, which now includes a free tracking number, but insurance will be added only if the buyer pays the insurance fee. Likewise for those who desire priority shipping -- the buyer pays the cost. (No international shipping.) Depending on my travel schedule and other responsibilities, as much as one week can pass between the receipt of payment and shipping, but in most cases I ship the books within two or three days.

I accept payment by USPS money order or personal check. I will also accept PayPal, but it is not preferred.

I have sold a few of my books here before. I have 100% positive feedback on Gunbroker as douglas51 and on ebay as douglas1951.

If you wish to purchase, please post below "I'll take item #XX, Acme Gun Makers." Then send me a PM or email (email is preferred) informing me how you wish to pay. My email address is my user name at

Thank you.



(C1) SOLD. Colt Pistols, by James E. Serven and Carl Metzger. This is an unusual volume that may be of particular interest to some Colt collectors. Someone had professional bound, into a single hardcover volume, four separate 8.5x11-inch monographs by Serven and Metzger, each of which had its own softcover. The titles of the monographs are, "Paterson Pistols" (1946), "Colt Dragoon Pistols" (1946), "Colt Percussion Pistols" (1947), and "Colt Cartridge Pistols" (1952). These monographs are handsomely printed on high-quality paper, with many photos and drawings. The "Colt Percussion Pistols" monograph is autographed by Mr. Serven. The whole thing is about 3/4-inch thick. The hardcover binding is black, with "COLT PISTOLS" stamped in gold on the cover and spine. There is very minor fraying on the corners and edges of the cover, and some rubbings, but the binding itself is stitched and solid. I could not find a bound volume such as thing listed for sale by any vendor, but one vendor had a couple of the individual monographs listed for $50-60 each. $100.

(C2) Colt's Variations of the Old Model Pocket Pistol, 1848 to 1872, by P. L. Shumaker. Second revised edition, 1957. Excellent condition excellent in dust jacket. Inscribed to original owner by the author. $30.

(C3) The 36 Calibers of the Colt Single Action Army, by David M. Brown. 1965. No dust jacket. Signed by the author. $30.

(C4) Colonel Colt London, a History of Colt's London Firearms 1951-1857, by Joseph E. Rosa. 1976, Arms and Armour Press, UK. Numbered copy, #431 of 1000, signed by author. Excellent condition with excellent dust jacket. $40.

(C5) Colt's Pocket '49, Its Evolution Including the Baby Dragoon & Wells Fargo, by Robert M. Jordan and Darrow M. Watt. Marked as 1st Edition, 2000. Includes addendum sheet. Inscribed by both of the authors to original owner. Faux leather cover, near mint. $70.

(C7) Variations of Colt's New Model Police and Pocket Breech Loading Pistols, by John D. Breslin, William Q. Pirie, and David E. Price. 2002. No dust jacket. Basically as new, very minor rubbings. $25.

(C8) SOLD.A Study of the Colt Single Action Army Revolver, by Ron Graham, John A. Kopec, and C. Kenneth Moore. 2nd Printing, 1978. Big book -- faux leather cover, no dust jacket, excellent condition (original owner's name plate on inside cover). $160.

(C9) '51 Colt Navies, by Nathan L. Swayze. 1967. Inscribed by the author to the original owner. Both book and dust jacket are excellent. $70.

(C10) American Beauty: The Prewar National Match Government Model Pistol, by Timothy J. Mullin. First Edition, 1999, by Collector Grade Publications. Hardcover, 59 pages, 11x9-inch format. The book is in fine condition with a fine dust jacket. There are a few very minor dents in the dust jacket, visible close up if the light is oblique, and very minor tanning on some page edges. Profusely illustrated, including full-page color photos of Colt National Match Government Model pistols with custom engraving, ivory grips, etc. $70.

(C12) SOLD. Hallock's .45 Auto Handbook, by Ken Hallock. Softcover, 1980. This is a nice clean copy in good or very good condition. There are some small creases in the covers, and the covers are a little light-tanned. $25.

(C13) SOLD. A Collector's Guide to Colt's .38 Automatic Pistols, by Douglas G. Sheldon. 1987. Softcover. $40.

(C14) Col. Colt Downunder, by Hayden Hughes and Robin Rapley. 2011. Published in New Zealand, with color hardcover and no dust jacket. As new. Has been described as "An exhaustive research and compilation of the history of the New Zealand Maori Wars, the Regiments and the associated Colt handguns." Profusely illustrated, many color photographs. Sample chapter titles: "Colonel Colt and New Zealand," "Western Australia Police," "Colt Retailers in the Colonies," "Colonel Colt and the Bushrangers," "Other Interesting Colonial Colts." I searched and could not find another copy currently for sale in the United States. $85.

(C15) The Peacemaker and Its Rivals: An Account of the Single Action Colt, by John E. Parsons. Copyright 1950; this is the fourth printing, 1955. A classic work, with many photos (including old advertisements for the Colt Single Action Army) and diagrams. 184 pages. Book in very good condition; dust jacket is in good condition except for the spine, which is sun-bleached and somewhat tattered. $20.


(W1) SOLD. The Winchester Book. First Edition, published in 1979. Signed by the author. Excellent. $115.

(W2) SOLD. The Winchester Book: Silver Anniversary Edition. Signed by the author, George Madis. This is a giant book -- blue faux-leather cover (no dust jacket), 9x11-inch, 655 pages! From what I have read, it is the last edition and was printed only once, in 1985. This copy is basically as new -- the original owner put a name plate on the frontspiece, and a few page corners are slightly bent. $175.

(W3) The Winchester Handbook. First Edition, 1981. Signed by the author, George Madis. Very good condition, except minor abrasions and bumpings on the corners and bottom edge of the cover. $70.

(W4) Winchester Repeating Arms Company, by Herbert G. Houze. New, still sealed in publisher's wrapper, but it appears to be the 1993 edition. $55.

(W5) SOLD. Sequence of Take-Down and Assembly Operations, Winchester M/63 Auto. Self Loading Rifle Cal. 22. This is an exact reproduction, on heavy-stock paper, of a 1959 shop manual produced by the Product Service Department of the Winchester-Western Division of Olin. It is 88 pages long, with detailed hand drawings utilized throughout. $25.


(M1) Marlin and Ballard, by Bill West. First Edition, 1968. Some wear on the cover, especially the corners and edges, but overall very good condition. $100.

(M2) SOLD. Marlin Firearms: A History of the Guns and the Company That Made Them, by Lt. Col. William S. Brophy. Deluxe Edition. Numbered as "#66 of 119 Deluxe Editions in Recognition of 119 Years of Gunmaking" and signed by Brophy, Jan. 4, 1991. Faux leather cover, 696 gilt-edged pages, in heavy slip box. The book is mint; there are few minor rubbings on the box. This is a super nice item for some Marlin collector. $195.


(R1) Remington Rolling Block Pistols, by Jerry Landskron. Rolling Block Press, First Edition, June 1981. 296 pages. Hardcover, gold-embrossed cover design. Excellent condition. 11x9-inch format. $90.

(R2) Remington's First Revolvers: The Remington Beals .31 Caliber Revolvers, by Charles F. Schif. 2007. Enscribed by the author to the original owner, otherwise mint with mint just jacket. $35.


(1) SOLD. The 45-70 Springfield, by Albert J. Frasca and Robert H. Hill. 1980. Numbered copy, "#587 of special first edition of 1000." Signed by both authors Albert J. Fraswer and Robert H. Hall, and also by designer Chalres R. Suydum. A handsome volume, faux leather cover with gold-embossed image of Springfield, 381 pages, virtually as new. $150.

(2) Spencer Repeating Firearms, by Roy M. Marcott. 1983 edition (this is the first edition but it is not labeled as such). Handsome book, faux leather cover, 316 pages, virtually as new except for name plate of previous owner. No dust jacket. $50.

(3) Spencer Repeating Firearms, by Roy M. Marcott. 3rd edition, 1995. This edition has a color dust jacket in fine condition. Appears new. $50.

(4) Our Rifles, by Charles Winthrop Sawyer. Pilgrim Press, Boston, 1920. It appears to me that this is the first edition, although it is not so labeled. Excellent condition. No dust jacket. $45.

(5) The Bullet's Flight from Powder to Target (The Internal and External Ballistics of Small Arms), by F. W. Mann, B.S., M.D. Copyright 1909. Ray Riling Arms Book, 1965 edition. A classic, with 188 photographs "showing the results of over three hundred rifle experiments." Minor wear on edges of spine. No dust jacket. $45.

(6) SOLD.American Firearms: A Histology of American Gunsmiths, Arms Manufacturers & Patentees with Detailed Description of the Arms, by Stephen VanRensselaer. 1947. "Special Deluxe Edition," numbered as "#51 of a limited edition of 500 copies." Signed by the author, Stephen Van Rensselaer. No dust jacket. Overall very good condition, with some tanning, a few small spots. $50.

(7) SOLD. 10 Shots Quick: The Fascinating Story of the Savage Pocket Automatics, by Daniel K. Stern. 1967 edition (it seems this is the first edition although it is not so labeled). With dust jacket. Autographed by author. 153 pages, many photos and drawings. $125.

(8) SOLD. Single-Shot Rifles, by James J. Grant. Copyright 1947. Second printing, 1952. Book is very good but dust jacket is tattered and taped. $35.

(9) SOLD.Single-Shot Rifles, by James J. Grant. Copyright 1947. Third printing, 1959. No dust jacket. $35.

(10) SOLD. Sixguns, by Elmer Keith. Copyright 1955. This is the 2011 Wolfe edition. As new condition without dust jacket. $40.

(11) U.S. Handguns of World War II: The Secondary Pistols and Revolvers. 1998. Inscribed by the author, Charles W. Pate, to the original owner, otherwise as new. Published without a dust jacket. This is a terrific book, containing much original research, profusely illustrated. $75.

(12) SOLD. Cartridges: A Pictorial Digest of Small Arms Ammunition, by Herschel C. Logan. Stackpole, 1959. A classic work --200 pages of Logan's superb line drawings of various cartridges, including many oddballs. Very good condition, with a slightly tattered dust jacket. $50.

(13) The Confederate LeMat Revolver, by Doug Adams. Hardcover, 2005. No dust jacket, very minor rubbings. Signed by Doug Adams, numbered #22 of 150. $180.

(14) Confederate Handguns, by William A. Albaugh, Hugh Benet, and Edward Simmons. Copyright 1963. Excellent condition; dust jacket also very good with two small stains. There is an inscription to the original owner, but I cannot discern whose signature it is. $22.

(15) Notes on U.S. Ordnance, Vol. 1, Small Arms, 1776 to 1946, by Major James E. Hicks. 1946. No dust jacket. $35.

(17) SOLD. Gunsmithing Guns of the Old West, by David R. Chicoine. 2001 edition, Krause Publications. This is a trade softcover, 8.5x11-inch format, 352 pages. A guide to working on vintage handguns, rifles, and shotguns, and replicas thereof. Includes a 90-page chapter on working on Smith & Wesson tip-ups, break-tops, and replicas based on them (Navy Arms, Uberti, etc.). Chicoine's handbook has been out of print for awhile, and even beat-up copies are commanding premium prices from on-line vendors. $75.

(18) SOLD. Guns of the Old West, by Charles Edward Chapel. Hardcover, original 1961 edition by Coward-McCann (not a reprint), 306 pages, 7x10-inch format, excellent condition in a good dust jacket (some tattering on the jacket), $30.

(19) Shooter's Bible Gun Traders Guide, by Paul Wahl. 1964 edition. Softcover, 190 pages, good condition. See what they were selling for in 1964! $12.

(20) SOLD. Antique Guns: The Collector's Guide, by John E. Traister. Second Edition, 1994, Stoeger Publishing. Softcover, 10x8-inch format, 320 pages. As new. $15.

(21) On Damascus Steel, by Leo S. Figiel, M.D. First edition, 1991. Mint, in dust jacket. Many color and black-and-white photos. $30.

(22) The Krieghoff Parabellum, by Randall Gibson. Copyright 1980. Second printing, 1988. 279 pages. Excellent condition; no dust jacket. $40.

(23) SOLD. Sako 1921-1971. This is a hardcover book published by Sako to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the firm. The book is in good condition, although with some rubbings and scuffings on the cover, some wear on the cover edges. THE TEXT IS IN FINNISH. However, the book comes with a softcover booket that appears to contain a complete English translation -- unfortunately, someone has used a blue highlighter on some paragraphs of this English booklet. $50.

(24) Simeon North: First Official Pistol Maker of the United States: A Memoir. By S.N.D. North and Ralph H. North. Rumford Press, Concord, NH, 1913. THIS IS NOT A REPRINT. It is the original 1913 edition, in excellent condition. It has a handsome blue binding with the title embossed in gold on the front (but not on the spine). The top page edges are also gold embossed; the other page edges are ragged in the style of the day for some publishers. There is a little yellowing of the paper, but not bad. There are 16 photo plates showing various firearms designed and built by Mr. North. In all, a very nice, solid copy of a work by an important figure in the history of American firearms. $120.

(25) SOLD. American Sporting Advertising, by Bob and Beverly Strauss. This a two-volume set of hardcover books, with color dust jackets, that contain hundreds of images of advertising and promotional materials for American firearms, ammunition, etc., from the early 20th century, including some S&W. The majority of the images are in black and white, but there are also color plates in the second volume. Volume 1, "1987 First Edition," contains posters and calendars. Volume 2, "1990 First Edition," contains hunting and fishing posters, calendars, cartridge boards, etc. There are small small brown spots on the dust jackets and some edges, but the books smell dry to me. $50.

(26) United States Martial Pistols & Revolvers, by Arcadi Gluckman. This is a Bonanza Books re-issue of a 1956 book by Stackpole Company. The book is in very good condition; the dust jacket is somewhat tattered and repaired. I am selling it along with Catalogue of United States Martial Short Arms, which is a "Blue Book"-type companion to Gluckman's book -- i.e., a price-condition guide, , as of 1939 (although this printing is dated 1945), for the antique military handguns described in Gluckman's book The plastic spiral "Wire-O" binding is damaged and repaired, but the pages are all there, including 29 black-and-white photographic plates. The two-book set together for $30.

(27) SOLD. Calvary Equipment 1874. Ordnance Memoranda No. 18. Ordnance Department. This is an S and S Firearms reproduction of a book published by the Ordnance Department of the U.S. Army in 1874, containing details descriptions, lists, and drawings of much of the the cavalry equipment of the day. The book is in overall very good condition, although there are a few smudges on the cloth covers. $35.

(28) A Collector's Guide to the '03 Springfield, by Bruce N. Canfield. Mowbray, 1989, 160 pages. Some tanning on the title page, otherwise excellent condition with an excellent dust jacket. This book is usually found in softcover; this hardcover edition is a scare item. $45.

(29) SOLD.The Rock Island '03, by C.S. Ferris. 1992. SOFTCOVER. Very good condition. $12.

(30) SOLD. Springfield Armory Shoulder Weapons 1795-1968, by Robert W.D. Ball. Antique Trader Books, 1997. Very good condition, although there are some not-very-conspicuous dents in the faux-leather cover, concealed by an excellent dust jacket. A really nice volume -- 264 pages, hundreds of color photographs, including many close ups of specific features of various Springfield-made arms, with detailed explanations. $30.

(31) A. H. Fox: The Finest Gun in the World, by Michael McIntosh. Countrysport Press, 1992 (first edition, although not marked as such). 390 pages. Book as new, dust jacket has minor marks. Autographed by Michael McIntosh. $85.

(32) SOLD. Firearms in American History: Volume Two: The Revolver 1800 to 1911, by Charles Winthrop Sawyer. 1939. This is #172 in numbered edition of 1000, initialed by the author. No dust jacket, condition very good -- some corner bumpings, minor dents and marks. $25.

(33) Guns and Gunning, by Captain Paul A. Curtis. Penn Publishing, 1934. Very good condition (no dust jacket). $45.


(B1) Early Firearms of Great Britain and Ireland, from the Collection of Clay P. Bedford. Softcover. 1971. Excellent condition -- very minor creases on spine. 186 pages. $25.

(B2) Royal Sporting Arms at Windsor, by Howard L. Blackmore. Mint, in original cardboard box, with dust jacket. Published by Her Majesty's Stationary Ofice, 1968. This book depicts the collection of the Royal Armoury at Windsor Castle, "the finest private collection of arms and armour in the country [the UK]." 52 photographic plates, index, etc. $25.

(B3) Illustrated British Firearms Patents, 1714-1853. Winchester Press, 1969. Numbered copy, #731 of 1000. A very interesting book -- 7.5x10.75 inch format, 1.5 thick, consisting mainly of reproductions of British patent applications from the time period specified, with many illustrations. $50.

(B4) English Pistols and Revolvers, by J.N. George. This is the original 1938 edition by Small-Arms, not a reprint. The paper has gone somewhat yellowish, but it is in very good condition, with a dust jacket. $30.

(B5) The Revolver, 1865-1888, by A.W.F. Taylerson. Copyright 1966, Bonanza Books. The dust jacket is stained, and there are some spots on the edge of the pages. Still, a good solid reading and reference copy of a classic reference. $15.

(B6) American British & Continental Pepperbox Firearms, by Jack Dunlap. Hardcover in dust jacket, published in 1964 by H.J. Dunlap. Format is 11.5 by 8.75 inches, 279 pages. The book is in excellent condition. The dust jacket is generally in good condition, but there were some tears in the top and bottom edges of the spine of the dust jacket that somebody repaired with tape on the hidden side. Profusely illustrated with photos and reproductions of old diagrams. $30.

(B7) A Century of Guns. "Published by John Blanch & Son, Gunsmiths, 29 Gracechurch Street, London, E.C." By H. J. Blanch. 1909. Subtitle: "A Sketch of the Leading Types of Sporting and Military Small Arms, With Over 150 Illustrations of Guns and Rifles." Illustrated with photographs and fine woodcuts. 153 pages plus index. I guess that I would rate the condition as "fair to good." The cloth cover is solid, although the edges and some corners are a little frayed. At some point in the distant past, it appears that parts of the book were briefly exposed to some moisture, as there are stains on the edges of some of the back pages and the paper inside the rear cover, on the inside cover pages, and on the upper-right page corners; however, the book is dry now, and it does not have mildew or smell musty. Also, the paper throughout has yellowed somewhat, but the paper is high quality and it is not at all brittle. In all, a 107-year-old book that is completely intact and readable. The text and illustrations would be of great interest, I would think, to anyone interested in the history of British guns. $75

(B8) SOLD. English Sporting Guns and Accessories, by MacDonald Hastings. Published in UK, 1969. 96 pages. Good condition, with dust jacket. $12.

(B9) SOLD. Lock, Stock, & Barrel: Making an English Shotgun and Shooting With Consistency, by Cyril Adams & Robert Braden. Safari Press, Second Edition, 1996. 198 pages, many photos. "The best description ever of the process of making a best-grade English gun, and they take the reader from the very beginning -- a lump of steel and a walnut tree trunk -- to the ultimate product: the lock, the stock, and the barrel." Excellent condition, both book and dust jacket. $20.

(B10) Gough Thomas's Second Gun Book, by G.T. Garwood. Winchester Press, New York, 1972 (originally published in UK). This is considered a classic work on the shotgun, written by G.T. Garwood, gun editor of the Shooting Times and a chartered engineer. 227 pages, many photos and dozens of technical diagrams. Excellent condition, both book and dust jacket. $45.


(H1) Legends of the Hunt, by John Seerey-Lester. Legends Press, 2009. This is the "hardcover trade edition," 12.5x11.5 inch format, with full-color dust jacket. Inscribed (with a doddle and signature) to original owner by Seerey-Lester. Full-color reproductions of 105 Seerey-Lester paintings "depicting the greatest sportsmen and explorers between the years 1849 and 1933" -- Teddy Roosevelt, Jim Corbett, Frederick Selous, et al. Excellent condition. This book has been out of print for awhile, and copies on Amazon and ebay, when they show up, may go for $200-300 or higher, often in lesser condition. I am asking $150.

(H2) Legends of the Hunt, by John Seerey-Lester. Legends Press, 2009. Another copy like that described under item H1, in like condition, but with no autograph. $150.

(H3) SOLD Crow Shooting, by Bert Popowski. 1946. No dust jacket, some stains on the cover, but a good solid reading copy. $20.

(H4) Best of Jack O'Connor, by Jack O'Connor. Amwell Press. Copyright 1977, Second Printing (Trade Edition) March 1984. Boxed. 12x9-inch, 192 pages. The book is in very good condition with minor edge wear. The box is fully intact, but has a faded or discolored strip on the front and top edges, perhaps caused by sunlight exposure. $30.

(H5) Game in the Desert Revisited, by Jack O'Connor. Amwell Press. Copyright 1977, Second Printing (Trade Edition) March 1984. Boxed. 7.25x10-inch format, 306 pages. The book is in very good condition -- minor edge wear and minor marks on the cloth cover. There may be a very faint odor of tobacco. The box is fully intact but has a discolored strip about one inch wide on the rear edge. $30.