Great list of books for sale. Still more books added.

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May 11, 2004
Cleaning out some spares..
1. Colt Firearms by Serven $35
2. The Springfield Rifle by Brophy $85
3. Parker Guns by Muderlak $55SPF
4. The Parker Gun by Baer $35
5. The Krag Story by Mallory $65SPF
6. The Krag Rifle by Brophy $95SPF
7. The Custom Revolver by Bowen $275
8. The Peacemaker and its Rivals by Parsons $35
9. Redbook of Handguns by Keith (rare) $95 SPF
10. Gun Notes vol. I&II by Keith (hardback) $200 SPF
11. Safari by Keith $295
12. Letters From Elmer Keith $45SPF
13. Shotguns by Keith 1950 NRA publication $65
14. Colt's .38 Automatic Pistols by Douglas Sheldon $150
15. L incisione delle Armi Sportive by Mario Abbiatico Great book on gun engravers, printed in Italian. Very rare book $295
16. The Art of Miniature Firearms Brown, Morrow and Hall $199
17. Three volume set. Redbook of Handguns by Elmer Keith, Redbook of Big Game Hunting by Bert Popowski and Redbook of Handloading by Kent Bellah. This is the three volume set of paperbacks, hard to find in great shape. All for $145
I have lots more, let me know what you are looking for.
Add 5 bucks for media mail shipping, 10 bucks for USPS Priority Mail.
Thanks for looking and Merry Christmas!!
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