David Bradshaw Photos - LXXXIII (83), Powder Coating Part II

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Lee Martin

Dec 18, 2002
Arlington, Virginia
First shot of Hoover cast .452" Powder Coat 335 grain SWC Plain Base. Charge: 10.5 grains/HS-6, Winchester Large Pistol primer in Speer nickel case. Deep seated for COL=1.546". Crimp above front band. Fired from Freedom Arms M83 4-3/4"----with .45 Colt cylinder. Trunnion rest (nestle frame-barrel angle into padding). Range: 120 yards.

(Revolver ZERO set two days prior for Hoover PC 280 SWC HP Plain Base @ 100 yards.)

Powder Coat cast 335 SWC PB over 10.5/HS-6. After walking down to photo first shot, add four more.

120 yards

2, 3, 4----7 o'clock
5----1 o'clock

Ruger 03 Bisley Blackhawk as built by Ruger with Maximum ejector and Super Redhawk front sight. Ruger shortened Maximum ejector 1/4" completely ejects mag-length cases. 5-1/2" barrel with standard ejector and pinned sight blade shown for comparison.

First threes hots fired from Ruger 03 with PC 335 SWC sailed over ram's bacl @ 120 yards. Rear sight was doped for PC 280 SWC HP @ 100 yards. Revolver poses behind punchured poplar sapling

PC cast 335 SWC punctured 3" poplar, travelled 3' in a straight line, finally stopped by this sapling. Note bullet entered hole on left, bounced backward, with heal protruding

Jeff "Tank" Hoover powder coats, then bakes bullets @ 400 degrees. Tank believes the bake anneals (softens) the alloy lead. Expansion in soft poplar demonstrates the effect.

How else to achieve with an unjacketed lead bullet the punch expamsion provides----without leading?

PC .452" 335 SWC----no leading with near pure lead punch. The ingredients of a PURE DEER BULLET


David Bradshaw

Sep 11, 2012
DivinEly, contender, Joe, Don.... thank you all, again.

Dr. C.... good gloves are a big deal. So-called shooting gloves usually lack the sensitivity of supple deer skin or other soft leather, properly rubbed with one or another leather treatment.
David Bradshaw

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