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Jeff Hoover

Feb 25, 2009
A year or so ago, a special project was underway. What started as a practical joke, reached full fruition, and became a reality. Ol' Zeus has some buddies that do laser engraving, and he concocted a plan and had them laser "callshot fan club" onto the head of some .44 special brass he had filed smooth. A picture was sent and posted, and 2 Dogs starts the ball rolling saying he is in for 500. Then another 500, and another, ....., and this thing is spinning out of control! People far and wide are ordering "callshot fan club" brass. I think we eventually got up to 60,000 pieces ordered. Several calls to Starline, and woola! Callshot brass is produced and shipped.

Steve did a great job sorting, counting, and dispersing the brass via USPS. It was a special project for him that kept him preoccupied as his wife, Betty was dying of MS. I received my brass in record time, and thought I would save it as a keepsake. As the time passed, I would pass that brass on its shelf, glance at it, and chuckle. Each time I passed it, it seemed to be screaming to be loaded and shot properly. It needed a special project, too.

Now all good callshot fan club members own callshot bisleys. This is Rugers 5.5" flat top bisley. Unfortunately, the front sights are too low on them, making the guns shoot too high. I got to thinking, and thought maybe a lighter bullet would be the trick. I had ordered a LEE six cavity .44 200 gr. round flat nose a while back, and it seemed like the right time to christen both it, and the callshot brass.

The bullets were cast, sized, and lubed, and loaded into their new brass home. A charge of 7.5 grs. of Unique sparked by a CCI LPP was the chosen load.

Off to the range we go. An impromptu target was made of a blank sheet of white paper, and some 1.5" red tape. These were torn into approximate squares to provide my aiming point. First, I shot a group of 24 to warm up myself and the gun. The target was placed at 25 yds., and I was shooting from the bench, with elbows on the table, no sand bags. the load shot well, and showed good manners with its mild recoil. The cobwebs were clearing from my eyes, the wind was very calm, and I loaded six more rounds. Time to move over to a new piece of tape.

Sometimes, things all come together for no explainable reason. My sights looked sharp, the trigger felt great, my mouth was held open just right, and six more rounds godown range. It all just felt right.

I'm smart enough to know that this was a fluke group, but it still makes one feel good, and boosts confidence. After that group, it was time to pack it up, and head home. The group on the right is more indicative of my usual shooting. Still, I like this load, it did drop the point of aim down from my beloved Elmer bullets. I'll never give up on the Skeeter load, but this one is a nice alternative.

So Steve, I think this brass buy was a big success in many ways.


Feb 5, 2012
Nice shooting Jeff! Heck I'd be happy all day long with the group on the right at 25yds. Glad you finally heeded the "call of the shot". :D


Ruger Guru
Sep 18, 2002
Lake Lure NC USA
Jeff, you getting out your callshot brass to shoot is inspiring. I haven't had the time to load any of mine up yet. Dern work is keeping me busier than it should. I'm gonna have to set aside some time to just enjoy such things. But, like you, every time I look at my bag of callshot brass, I'm reminded of good friends, and yet the sadness around the time it was shipped.
Thanks buddy for sharing.


Mar 11, 2010
Shackle Island,Tennessee
Great shootin' Jeff. Glenn filled me in on the back story of how the brass came to be and it was hilarious. I've been using that brass since it arrived but haven't had any magical groups like yours yet. What I do get is a big smile every time I fire one. Thanks again to all who had a hand in getting those things made for us Callshot fans.


Aug 20, 2006
soda springs, idaho
As soon as I read this I sprinted (actually I drove) over to Callshots house but it was too late, he had already seen Jeff's post & had the local newspaper guy on the front porch, several neighbor kids were standing in line, hoping to get a glimpse of "Callshot".
After the crowd cleared I got Steve in the bathroom & stuck his head under the faucet, it was so swollen I could barely get ahold of it. He was blabbering something about "Callshot Brass", just when I thought I had him a bit under control after several months he spies this post of itty bitty groups with Callshot brass & goes bonkers on me. It will probably take most of the fall months now to get him settled down again........
Callshot, Callshot, Callshot.



Sep 26, 2006
Pocatello, Idaho
Well, I guess I have been busy and didn't go on here to say anything. Sixshot tending is more than a full time job. :? Jeff, your altitude must make your gun shoot differently than mine does at our altitude out here? Have you been chewing the proper amount of sunflower seeds to get it to shoot correctly? Just today up in the mountain o'l sixshot's gun jammed and sure enough there was some sunflower seed shells in his magazine jamming the shells up good. :shock: He hurriedly dug them out before I could get a picture. We did find and pick a few huckleberries. I did have the fan club special on me and thought that I was going to have to use it once when a horse fly tried to take a piece of elk jurky out of my shirt pocket.

If that bullet works for you Jeff, keep shooting it. Looks like you still have the touch that I put on those brass just before mailing them to you. They were guarenteed to throw fantastic groups, but don't make me come out there to re-train them for you. I only got 40,000 of them and it was fun to do. I still have 5 of the originals and Betty has the 6th one. Thanks Glen.

The doors to my house are only 48" wide so Dick could not even get into my house to TRY and put my head under the tap. He couldn't control me, even if he wanted to. My hat size hasn't changed since 1964. If anything my head is getting smaller after my 15 minutes of fame ran out. Can I get another allotment of it Fermin, or is it sold out? :wink:

Thanks for the post Jeff, happy shooting to all of you.


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