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Jan 22, 2001
Dawson, Iowa
It is that time of year to send out the annual Red Eagle News Exchange Price Guide questionaire.
For the last couple years, with COVID, lack of firearms production for most Ruger series, and now soaring inflation, it is evident that gun enthusiasts aren't only spending extra $ for certain gun models, they are spending the extra $ because they simply can't find what they are looking for right way, so "pucker factor" sets in and things like a common M77V are going for $1,500 today!
It would seem that the "intrinsic" value has shot up faster than collector value, so with this year's price guide I would ask to be sure to price according to what a collector or shooter would pay for the item listed. If that means the fact that today's price of a standard non-prefix Old Model .357 Blackhawk has outpaced the collector value of any of the 42xxx to 51xxx range transition .357 Blackhawks for example, then please use your best judgement as to which value is greater.
For the questionaire, if your knowledge only reaches one or two subjects, I would ask that participants fill out what they are able to. Remember that the more people who fill this questionaire out, or even sections of it, the more accurate the prices are. Results are averaged and printed in the annual August edition of RENE. These prices are also used in editing the Blue Book of Gun Values every year.
I have already sent an excel file questionaire to those who have filled it out in the past, so if you haven't received that, please let me know and I'll get one out to you. If you are unable to receive or send by Excel file, I can also send out a snail mail version.
Thank you!!
Chad Hiddleson


Ruger Guru
Sep 18, 2002
Lake Lure NC USA
Contact chet15. He's Chad Hiddleson, the owner/publisher. WELL worth the money. Send him a PM. It might take him a day or 3 to respond,, but he will.


Red Eagle
Nov 30, 2008
That’s the correct address, as that’s the one I use. Try sending from a different email account or provider.

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