10/22 Show & Tell

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Feb 20, 2006
love the folders! I used to have a Butler Creek folder (I still might have it in fact, I still have not completely unpacked from the move 3 yrs ago). I had issues with it, the pins would sometimes walk out of my trigger group and there was enough room between the stock and the trigger housing that the pin would slide out enough to stop the gun from working.

Here is another one, probably the one I am most proud of.

I bought a walnut international stock from S&P outfitters, then took one of my Kingston Armory steel receivers and gave it and a new take-off barrel a 5000 grit blued finish.
I then bought a Pike Arms black aluminum anodized trigger housing and performed my usual trigger work. The bolt is factory, cleaned, deburred and gave it a high polish. The charging handle is stock. Almost forgot, I also made my own take down screw. I bought a #12 zinc plated screw that was oversize, I reduced the diameter until it fit just right, the took off 1/2 the threads to capture it, then gave it a high polished blued finish, it sits flush with the wood, which I thick is a nice touch....View attachment 39476

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I LOVE that high polish and real wood!
I've always wanted a deluxe sporter and a full length stock version.
I picked this one up the other day. Reminds me of the deluxe models. I like the blonde. Quite striking. This one is stainless. May never fire the dern thing. But I sure like fondling it.


I agree. Ruger could do something REALLY special for an anniversary model. Real walnut and a high polish blue would be awesome!

Edited to add....
I almost forgot the tell part.
The fella handed me this, and as he did he bumped the rifle next to it.
Yep. Dominoes!!
Probly knocked over 25 rifles on the wall. I didn't think they were ever gonna stop falling over!! 3 sets of hands finally put a stop to the madness. I had to go outside and smoke!


Jul 18, 2022
Long Island
Nothing special, late 80's sporting a Nikon 4 Prostaff. I'm my picture to the left along with one of my USGI carbines and a mid 60's .44 carbine. It's the only 10/22 I own. It does what it's supposed to.
I did about 6 mos ago put a BX trigger, so much better than the stocker. Should have done it long ago.


Jan 9, 2014
This build was inspired by a guy on the rimfirecentral forum, he goes by the name of Hipshot, anyway he made a tribute to the old calvary carbines of the late 19th century, you know the Spencers, Trapdoors, Ballards, Sharps ect....I liked it and decided to copy him.
The receiver is another one of the parkerized steel units from Kingston Armory. The bolt has been polished and blued, the trigger housing is an original anodized aluminum one.
I found a saddle ring off a M1892 Krag carbine and some slings from an old Enfield. I made the sling from an 1.5" leather belt. I made a custom brass charging handle using parts from a lamp and a ruger brass emblem. I added a Williams peep sight to the rear. The mag release is a cheap aluminum one that sort of resembles the breech release on the older guns.
On the stock I cut the pistol grip down and made it a straight grip, then I cut down and tapered the forend, I had to modify the barrel band to fit. The front sling swivel was trimmed down to fit in the barrel band. The screws for the butt plate were replaced with brass screws that match the ones holding the rear sling swivel and saddle ring. I used leather dye and shoe polish to stain the stock.

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What a nice job you did with that!


Dec 2, 2023
Arizona's Redneck Riviera
This one I built for a raffle for our local gun forum in Seattle, I had a factory walnut stock, and new take-off barrel, sling and trigger group, other members donated the scope and $ to buy the new receiver. We had it laser engraved with the forum logo.



Jan 14, 2017
Surprise, Az
10 / 22 with Feddersen 16.25 barrel and 1 3/4 pound trigger pull using Powers Custom Trigger KIt.


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