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    Ruger 44 carbine at the gun show

    I love mine. It stands guard at the back door, for bears and gorillas.
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    Slightly battered Ruger Single Six with fixed sights.

    My local police supply place recently took in two large shipments of old duty guns and evidence guns from a PD and Sheriff's Office in Washington state. I got a nice S&W Model 28 from the first batch, and this Single Six from the second. Definitely an evidence gun. There was still a little...
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    Single Six

    I like it, too. I've never seen one either.
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    Is this short Vaquero a factory job?

    Thanks for the info!
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    Is this short Vaquero a factory job?

    If so, what is the product code? I got it a few years ago in a trade. The stainless finish was already matte finished, probably bead blasted. The grips were thinned down and a .45 ACP cylinder was installed. Ruger said it left the factory as a .45 Colt, not a convertible. The nice lady...
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    Dunkirk the movie

    I loved it. It helps to know what you're getting into with a Christopher Nolan film. This one is more straight forward than Memento or Inception, but you still have to pay attention. There are three timelines, which he puts in big letters right on the screen. 1) The Mole One Week All the...
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    Custom Security Six

    Very nice! I love the Pythonesque hammer!
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    Bridge of Spies movie

    I watched it in the theater and will watch it again now that it's on HBO. Mark Rylance, the actor who played Abel, was also terrific as Thomas Cromwell in the PBS series Wolf Hall.
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    What do you regret not ever doing? UPDATE

    Not many regrets here. I did 8 years as an Air Force officer and 25 more as an FBI agent. I have a great wife and three grown kids. I do wish we had cranked out a couple more kids, I miss having little ones around. Maybe I'll have grandkids one of these years.
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    New car has been flawless so far

    Rev, in 2012 I bought a 2010 Prius after deciding to give it a try after reading your posts. I've put 130,000 miles on it since then - it's only asked for oil every 10K miles, one set of tires, rear brake pads (front ones are still fine), and a ridiculously small amount of gas. It still gets a...
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    "The Pacific"

    I prefer The Pacific over Band of Brothers. You have to invest a little effort in following the three story lines, but it's worth it.
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    Forged in Fire

    I love it - the best show on The History Channel by far. It makes me laugh every time that Marcaida guy says "It will keeeel."
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    Currently reading

    Just finished Hell in the Breech and rereading Empire of the Summer Moon.
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    Lets See Some PICS of SHORT Barreled Custom Blackhawks!!

    I don't know the story on this one. I traded it away from a Sheriff's Office detective, and he got it second hand: It left the factory with one cylinder, somewhere along the way it was fitted with this ACP cylinder. Maybe that and the oh-so-slightly modified grips and frosted finish will...
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    A neat little Beretta.

    This was the first Beretta 948 I'd seen. It's the .22 version of the more famous centerfire 1934 and 1935 models. I've always loved the looks of the classic older Berettas. This one is from the mid-50s. One neat touch on this model is the front sight is on the barrel and not the slide...

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