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    Price for LCR???

    This is not uncommon. Even though the feds do the NICS check for free the state may impose their own fee. Oregon State Police collect $10 for every transfer and are trying to get it raised to something like $28. They go deep. I had them dredge up stuff recently on a customer from 1964 when...
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    going Hollywood on GP100

    I had a cousin that thought that was the coolest thing to spin the cylinder and flick it shut. To date hes has a totalled Colt Trooper Mark III, Severly damaged a Redhawk in 44 mag and cost me $100 to repair my 686. He finally got a new hobby. Thank goodness. Now I don't let anyone touch my...
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    bedding release

    Supposedly a night in the freezer will help shock it loose. When you take it out in the morning I would would put a wedge under the end of the barrel then work it over with my rubber mallet. This is assuming you used release agent. If it didn't have any realease agent then I would leave in...
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    P series accurizing

    From a standing unsupported position to say you are competent is pretty modest to say 2-3" groups at 90 feet. I don't think I could do that with a rifle standing. The guide rod will have very little influence on group size. Consistant barrel to slide lockup is the key to mechanical accuracy...
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    P series accurizing

    What kind of accuracy are you getting? I have found the P95 capable of very good accuracy as issued. Tell me about your rest.