XR3-RED Grips being Auctioned off for Charity

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Oct 11, 2005
Hello everyone. It seems like it has been forever since I last lurked around the Ruger Forum. I'm still around, but found myself to be very, very busy. But that's really all besides the point of this posting.

I have been pretty fortunate in life, I have a loving wife and two great young boys. I have a pretty good job and my customers have really helped me through some tough times over the years. I am also a veteran of the US Army and just past 10 years since I was discharged. The longer that I have been out, the more I long to be part of that great team of men that I had the honor to serve with, knowing that I no longer can. Which brings me here.

A good customer of mine named Jon Wheeler sent several blanks of White Oak Burl to me to make a pair of grips from. The material was unbelievable. There was more than enough material for his set, so I asked him if I could make a set to be auctioned off to support the Wounded Warrior Project. He thought that would be a good idea so that's what we are going to do.

I made a set of XR3-RED grips from the second best pair of blanks, finished them up real nice, and listed them for sale at the link below. 100% of the auction proceeds will be donated automatically to the Wounded Warrior Project and I will cover the cost of the shipping. Good luck to those that bid and thank you!


This set of grips will fit the Blackhawk, NM Blackhawk, Vaquero, Single Six, Old Army, and Super Blackhawks with 4-5/8" and 5-1/2" barrels. They will NOT fit the New Vaquero, 50th Anniversary Blackhawk, NM Flattop Blackhawks, OM Blackhawk with Alcoa XR3 frames, Bisleys, of SBH with 7-1/2" or 10" barrels.

Please do not feel bad if you are not the winner of the auction. There is no shame in trying and please feel free to donate as you see fit to help those who have given up so much in defense of freedom.

At the conclusion of the auction, I will start another post to give away a few sets of grips. I used to do this every 100 that I made but I think that I am behind at least two sets. I will also have a new product announcement to make at that time, and there is one more big one in the works that I can't let out of the bag just quite yet.


Oct 29, 2014
Carl, those look great! Almost as pretty as the Lacewood grips you did for me!

I have SEVERAL sets of grips Carl made,and I am very proud of each one. This looks like a case of excellent grips for a very worthy cause.

Way to go, Carl!

Anxious to hear the rest of your "news"!

The Sturminator

Feb 9, 2013
Awesome! I won em'! Just sent you a PM Mr. Schultz! My second pair of your grips and I can only imagine how fantastic these will fit up on one of my OM Vaq's. just like the other pair, just lighter. Thank you again for the offering!

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