Trigger reset question on a Ruger P93 DAO pistol?

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Mar 4, 2022
Hi, I’m new to this forum and I have a question on the trigger reset on a Ruger P93 DAO pistol. I just bought an used P93 DAO pistol and after cleaning it and after performing a function check on the pistol and after pulling the trigger, which fired as designed, but the trigger would not reset for a second trigger pull. In order to get a second trigger pull, I had to pull the slide to the rear about a 1/4 inch, which would reset the trigger. I haven’t taken it to the range yet, but I also own a P89 DAO pistol, sn: 303-xxxxx, which will allow a second trigger pull WITHOUT engaging the slide.

I know that the the P89 DAO pistol is different than a P93 DAO pistol, but I figure that they would have a similar function.

So, my question is that what I am experiencing with this P93 DAO pistol, is that normal for this model?

I did remove the Hogue grips and it didn’t change anything and the trigger/trigger bar didn’t reset for a second trigger pull.

Thanks for any assistance with this question!!


Sep 21, 2010
The 89 and 93 are basically the same gun. All the P-series use the same type of functioning parts.

Id check the trigger bar again and look for old grease or a bur. Might be a bur on the frame etc too. Something is holding the trigger bar in place and not letting it reset like it should.

Have you taken the hammer spring out and cleaned all those parts up?

Look for a shinny spot on the inside of the frame and trigger bar to see maybe a drag spot.

Something is wrong and you'll find it.

Good luck and Keep the P-guns alive!!