Tang Safety V barrel vs Tang Safety light barrel?

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Jun 1, 2009
I have two Ruger M77 Tang Safety in .220 Swift one in the 26" V barrel and one in the 24" light barrel. Thinking about selling one of them, having a hard time on deciding which one to keep. Was wondering what advantages are there between the two barrels? I like them both, the 26" V barrel is nice but heavy, the 24" light barrel is a dream to pack but afraid of heat. I'd be using it for coyotes, sage rats mostly. Is one barrel more accurate than the other? Which one is worth more money? It seems easier to find the 26" V barrel for sale than the 24" light barrel. I know the obvious advantages one over the other like weight, heat dissipation etc. Please help me decide which one to keep? I can't keep both one has to go. Thanks!


Jun 29, 2006
Lots more of the "V"s than the standrad light barrels in 220 Swift.

Accuracy? Apples/Apples The "advantage " with heavy barrels is they take longer to heat up and start shifting point of inpact.

Sounds like you use yours like I do mine, a walk arounbd/ride in the pickup rifle. Given that task I almost always take the light barreled one.

If I'm going to spend HOURS shooting, then I would take the "V" along with several others to shift off to.


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