Still have the 223 No 1/No3 itch

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Feb 23, 2009
Southern California
Okay, I posted a while ago about wanting a 1A in 223. Then I got to looking at having one built up... Then I looked at a Browning 1885... all with no luck. So here I go again.

How about a No 3 in 223. I hate the stock style and would think that a No 1 buttstock would fit, but which forend would come close to matching the barrel contour??? I think that an A forend would work, and I could always get a barrel band swivel installed. I figure that way I would pretty well have what I am looking for...

Also would a quarter rib from the 1A work?? or is it a totally different contour??

How about your thoughts... especially Ross, he buried me with great info.

I never seem to see any No1 stocks for sale in the A configuration.. any ideas as to where to look???

Thanks for looking


Jun 29, 2006
Owyhee County, ID, USA
Chris: The butt stock from a #1 will bolt on.

The #3 barrel contour is unique to the #3. The rib doesn't really fitt on a #3 barrel without alteration. As far as forearm you could go either way. If you get a "A" or light sporter contour forearm you can have it opened up to fit the #3 barrel.

Alternatively you could simply use a "B" forearm and use Acra Gras or something else to close up the barrel channel some mostly to look better.

The outside is the same. The one thing you need to watch is that the actual reciever angle between the forearm and the reciever changed in the mid to late 80s and the forearms are not interchangable without some work.

You can get the barrel band from Ruger or Brownells. My experience is to use Ruger. They will sell you a finshed barrel band. The ones I have recieved from Brownells have been castings and required finishing and it actually cost me more to have the casting polished and blued than the cost of the casting.

I'm assuming your reason for using the #3 is cost.

If I were in your shoes and didn't want to spend the dollars for a "A" in 223 or to alter sdomething else to that configuration, then I'd just wait and look for a #1 in 223 in the factory "AB" configuration. One sat on GB for $850 f a while back.

Sure that's more than $500 for a #3 is you actually find one at that price but the stcok etc is still going to cost you something.

If you paid $850 for a 223 "AB" the only other cost would be for a Alex Henrry forearm when and if you find one and the factory barrel band that would simply slide on the barrel and fit. I persoanlly think you would have less money in it than an altered #3 and it would also have better long term/collector value/re-sale value.

The best



Apr 7, 2006
central New York
I tend to agree with Ross. Also, you have to remember that the #3 has the boss for the front sight and the dovertail in the barrel for the rear sight. These will be at best unsightly, and it will never look like a 1A with a #3 barrel on it. The lever will also be a giveaway, and unless you're one of those who prefer the #3 style lever, it would again be best to start with a 1AB (or wait patiently for the chance to buy a 1A 223).
As for fore ends, I have found that the #3 barrel is close enough to the #1 medium barrel contour that forearms are largely interchangable. Again, this has been my experience; others may have different experiences. I have an altered (but not the barrel channel) #3 foreend on a 1B right now that fits perfectly, and I have an aftermarket foreend for a medium weight (1B, 1S) barrel that fits the #3 perfectly. Still, if you start with a #3, the best you'll be able to do is a #2. Trying to create a 1A 223 from a donor #1 will be an expensive proposition, and in the end will never be worth as much as a true 1A 223. Whatever you decide, have fun.

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