Ruger NO 1 in 22-250 caliber and Hi Lux WB Malcomb 8X scope

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Nov 15, 2013
Charleston, WV
Took me a while to make up my mind but bought the scope and the barrel on my No. 1 already has the bases installed while owning and using a Unertl 16X scope, it was a good combination or rifle and scope. Going to the range tomorrow and test it out, but only have a box of commercial ammunition with 55gr. bullets and they will most likely denigrate priror to reaching the target at 200 yards for have had that happen before. Twist is 7 and with a velocity of nearly 4000 fps the small bullet mass wise will likely be destroyed in flight, but we will see, have had it happen before with such lightweight bullets. Preferred bullet with this barrel is 80 or even 90 grains in weight.
Will report what takes place after the visit to the range.