SOLD - Winchester Model 75

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Jan 26, 2013
North Carolina
SOLD - Winchester Model 75 with a Weaver K-4 steel scope with the pretty brass trim on the turrets. This rifle has the base for a Lyman 57E rear sight but the sight is missing. The scope is very clear and bright with some bluing loss. The sad part is whoever drilled and tapped the action for scopemounts did a poor job; the mounts are off center. The mounts have been adjusted to point straight, I have not put it on paper but I shot a soda can offhand at about 30 yards out back with a magazine full (five rounds) and the gun fed smoothly and the can was hit five times. The magazine is marked Winchester. Otherwise, the bore is nice on the 28 inch barrel, the wood is not too bad, and the scope is pretty cool.

SOLD $250.00/Shipped[/b] to an FFL CONUS. Sorry no California sales. Payment by MO or personal check if you don't mind a little wait to ship.

First "I'll take it", gits it.

Thanks for looking.