SOLD SOLD: Ruger (Original) Vaquero Birdshead 45Colt (matching sequential SN Set)

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Dec 5, 2011

For sale is a matching, sequential serial number set of Ruger (original) Vaquero Birdshead 45Colt (Model 0510, Catalog # KBNVBH-453, SN 58-99426 and SN 58-99427). I purchased these from Bear Arms Tactical (Perryburg, Ohio) December 2020 that was selling off a collection for a widow. The lady claimed that her elderly husband was a collector, bought them new, but never fired them. Upon receipt, they appeared new and still covered in a moderately thick oil and inside their original clear bag with locks and paperwork and yellow plastic cylinder ring still in place. I only wanted one at the time of purchase, but since I couldn't find any, I elected to buy the set and kept them both identical. In the months after purchase, I had them modified by two competent gunsmiths. For example, my local guy (very experienced, now passed away) did a great action job while fitting the wide-spur Super Blackhawk hammer. The triggers for both breaks cleanly at just under 3# pull using my Lyman Trigger Pull Gauge. He also did a free-spin pawl and added the Wolff 30oz trigger spring. Hamilton Bowen then reamed the throats for all cylinders to 0.4525" and polished the non-fluted cylinder for me. (The non-fluted cylinder only works with the revolver with SN ending with 426.) I'm 6'1" and prefer this grip frame with bigger grips, so the ones installed in the pics were made by J. Downey for these specific frames out of Jamaican Blue Mahoe. The thin black factory grips are also included, along with the original gray storage boxes, paperwork, factory-fired cases, and Ruger-logo'd locks. As mentioned, I never really wanted two revolvers and I'm also not into safe queens. Life is too short not to fire them! So I'm listing these as a pair first, but if someone wants to buy only one, then I'm willing to split them up. These are in really nice, well-cared for condition and I think the buyer will be pleased. Since these are original Vaqueros with the larger cylinder frame and cylinders, they can handle "Ruger-only" loads and you'll appreciate the fatter custom grips for comfort. This is incredible firepower in such a small package, but still very manageable with these grips. Also, I keep a journal on these and have fired 48 rounds through the one with SN ending in 427 and 124 rounds through the one ending with 426 and all were well-within SAAMI specifications. I hate to let them go, but I have too much redundancy in my collection. If a buyer only wants to buy one, then that will be the one ending with SN427 (and I "may" keep the one with the extra cylinder). In that case, the price for SN427 would be $1200 (+$50 shipping to lower 48). So if I split them up, the SN427 goes first. Then if someone wants the one with the extra cylinder, the price is $1400 (+$50 shipping to lower 48). If someone wants everything, the price is $2400 (free shipping to lower 48). All shipping is via FFL to FFL, and payments only by personal check from forum members. (No Paypal or money orders.) If after a couple weeks they don't sell, I'll move to GB and sell only as a set. More pics available upon request. Sorry for the long description!

Edit: I forgot to mention, but the original hammers are also included.

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