Security Six, GP100, Redhawk rear sight blades

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Dec 8, 2005
Lemont, PA, USA 16851
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Heard some questions that arose about the rear sight blade in a GP100, the member didn't want the white outline but just a solid blue/black

So I did some research and then some comparasiona and then an experiment.

What I found at Numrich Gun Parts:
Security Six Original rear sight blade with white outline p/n 225710B
Security Six Original (all blue) rear sight blade p/n 270730E

Redhawk Original rear sight blade with white outline p/n 225710A
Redhawk High rear sight blade with white outline p/n 288420A

GP100 Original rear sight blade with white outline p/n 225710C
Gp100 High rear sight blade with white outline p/n 288420B

Notice the similarity of the part numbers of the white outline p/n's and the High sight blade p/n's Hmmmm?

I then took a Security Six original rear sight blade (w/white outline) and compared it to a GP100 and Redhawk original rear sight blade and frankly, without using super accurate measuring equipment, I could not visually see any major differences in the three rear sight blades (225710B, 225710A and 225710C).

I then compared the one blued Security Six rear sight blade (270730E) I have to a GP100 rear sight blade and still could not see any major differences.

Personally, my thoughts are that since the Security Six came first (1970-1988), then the Redhawk (1980-Present), then the GP100 (1986-Present) with the overlap of the models, why would Ruger design and put on a completely new rear sight assembly? Why not use what already works (and think cost savings).

The above paragraph gave me pause and so I took out a Redhawk, GP100 and a Security Six complete rear sight and other than some very minor differences, mainly at the front of the rear sight assembly (where it connects to the frame), the rear most portion, which holds the rear sight blade are, by my eyesight, are almost the same (some small shape differences but nothing major). I do believe that an original Security Six rear sight blade (which is solid blue, no white outline) will work

So this morning I did an experiment with a GP rear sight asembly and the Security Six rear sight blade. Removed the GP rear sight blade and installed the Security Six sight blade. No trouble putting the SS sight blade in, the adjustment screw held the SS sight blade firmly and it was easily adjustable.

My conclusion is that you could put a Security Six rear sight blade in a OEM GP100 (or Redhawk) rear sight assembly and it would work.
Dec 11, 2002
Ohio , U.S.A.
Good post and helpful Ron, we had done this for as long as I can recall, and found the "main" differences are the the "plain blade" ,outlined , outlined with the white in the groove and the later ones having divots in the bottom edge to keep from "shooting , up and out" mainly on the Blackhawks, guess there's more "recoil"??? anyway they can be all made to work around....... :wink: ( we used to use some Colt blades too,BUT they got pricy!! ) :roll: