Ruger PC Carbine and Gideon Tactical: Recommended?

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Apr 13, 2024
Wanakah, NY
I'm looking for recommendations of a gun and its seller.

First, I'm considering buying a PC Carbine--specifically, the 19101 model, which is capacity- (10 rounds) and feature- (no barrel threading) compliant for New York, where I live. I'd welcome any observations from folks who own one: reliability, accuracy, ease of maintenance, preferred ammo--all the usual topics and any you might add.

Second, I'd welcome any insight on anyone who has bought from Gideon Tactical in Coatesville, PA. They have far and away the best price on new PC Carbines, but this always raises a red flag for me: is one of the things you're not paying for at this very reduced price customer service? Any reviews from folks who've bought from them would be most welcome. There are plenty of sellers of this gun online, and saving $75 is nice but not if it's going to entail problems with sale and fulfillment.

Thanks in advance for any insight on either or both topics.
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Nov 23, 2013
Monroe County, MS
As with most pistol caliber carbines, you should use +P ammo to take advantage of the longer barrel. The difference between standard and +P in a long barrel is significant. Usually around a 20-30% increase in MV using +P, which translates to flatter trajectory, longer range, and increased energy on target. The LC45 (which I have) is specifically built to handle +P ammo and I suspect the PC carbine is as well. Check the user manual to be sure.

Here's a video documenting the difference for the LC45: