Ruger No.1 Prototype Unveiling! Findley's New Book

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El Numero Uno

Feb 21, 2006
Pidcoke, Texas, USA
In the 1967 Gun Digest, John Amber wrote of the Writers/Editors viewing 4 Ruger No.1 Prototypes at the 1966 NRA Convention in Chicago. Until now, it was never clear to me how this event transpired.
Don Findley has just published his new book, The Ruger Papers 1945-2015. In this book is a copy of the Invitation sent to the Writers and Editors for the first showing of the Ruger No.1. You can see it here:
Being a Pistol guy, I don't think Don even connected on what this Invitation referred to! I knew immediately as soon as I saw it!
The 1st 100 signed/numbered copies of the book will be sold to Members of the Ruger Owners & Collectors Society.
You can contact Don and get a regular copy of the book directly from him. Being the good guy he is, he will probably sign it for you and write whatever in it you would like. He is on the RF as d findley
This is a huge book; over 500 pages and 7 pounds! It has "paper" in it, some of which has never been seen before. Some are proofs of ads which were never published.
All the Kelly Posters are reproduced; you can tell which years and what you are missing. Alas, they are not full size.


Aug 23, 2008
N. Texas
I received my signed and numbered copy today, I belong to ROCS so got it through them. As I posted elsewhere, I didn't know what to expect when I ordered this volume, it far surpassed my expectations. What a fantastic job, Don must be very proud of the finished product. Very high quality printing and binding. If anyone is a student of Ruger and it's history, this is must have for your Ruger library.

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