Ruger 327 federal sp101 available

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Dec 4, 2023
I just got a call from Starline. Apparently, the package that's on the way, is my 41 magnum brass I ordered. The nice lady on the phone, was responding to my e-mail about the .327. They sent me an e-mail. which I must have missed, asking if I still wanted the .327 order. Since I didn't reply, she called to ask. I told her I definitely wanted it, and we talked about the backorders.

What happened, is they did a large run, and are filling backorders in order. So places like Grafs, Midsouth, etc. got theirs. Now they are working down the list, and finally got to me. Even though I got a few hundred pieces from Midsouth, I'm glad to get the order from Starline, as they are less expensive.

I'd also say that is great customer service on their part!