PC Charger detent and spring

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Mar 10, 2022
Hi all, here's the scenario. I was having trouble with the adjustment wheel on my PC Charger so i disassembled the handgaurd to take a look. It's back in working order now, but every video I watch indicates that there's a detent and spring in the handguard near the adjustment wheel that should fall free once the barrel is removed from the guard. I don't know if it broke off on mine or not but there's not a detent plug to remove.

My concern is that I want to install the midwest industries handguard, but part of the instructions include removing the detent and spring from the original handguard and using it in the new barrel block. I'm wondering if I need the detent (gun seems to operate fine without it) and if I do, does anyone know if the 10/22 detent and spring will work? That's the only one I''ve been able to find.