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Sep 9, 2017
I'm looking at a couple of Ruger NM Beracats from a LGS on line. They have pics of one which looks like a Lipseys ser # prefix is 93.
The other one is also listed as a NM, ser # prefix is also 93 and no pics. Would that one have adjustable sights like the Lipseys. They also have 2 NM Bearcats listed w/3" barrels which sound like Shopkeepers to me ser # pre fixes of 95. I would prefer adj sights and I know the Shopkeepers (if thats what they are) don't have adj sights. I may just buy the Lipseys for $465

Bear Paw Jack

Dec 19, 2001
Alaska, Idaho USA
I think you are on the right track. The NM Bearcats listed with 3" barrels, is not as desirable as the 3-1/2" barrel which gives you enough ejector rod to get the case pretty much all the way out. So if you just want them that's fine but if you are thinking of a flip you need to consider that.
On the adjustable sight model the front sight is very tall and the majority of holsters aren't built for that to fit in the holster. Not trying to talk you out of anything, and I know how it is when you find something you want, it's easier to way the pro's as a positive, and forget about the cons. To some people there are no cons, but at least something that let's you consider both sides. Hard to make a decision with out pictures too. Conditions are everything.

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