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Nov 26, 2008
I'd been looking for a few months in the local gun stores for a used GP 100 3", saw a few 4" and 6". Well , the other day I go into the shooting range and the owner there asks if I'm still looking for a GP 100. Said he could get me a brand new one, $541.00. OK, get it for me, orders it comes in yesterday, I'm out there to shoot it, fire 1 round, load the second round and the cylinder won't close, remove the bullets, still won't close. Look it over ,can't see anything causing it, take it into him , he checks it, goes in his shop, comes out and says he touched a few places on it with his honing stone, blew it off with his air compressor, works fine now, shot 50 rounds of 357 and 50 38 through it, works fine. Anyone else have this happen? Didn't expect this from a new Ruger. Thanks Everyone

magnum pi

Apr 25, 2009
Back Woods North Carolina
I bought a new GP100 the first of the year, a blued 4" model and had trouble with the cylinder not wanting to cycle around all the time, binding. Gunsmith at the store done a little filing at the six o clock position of the frame under the fireing pin and a touch of reblue on it and it still looks factory. As for the cycle it has no more binding problem. Just a factory error not to get enough material off the frame. I've read other reports just like this so I think it's an almost common problem, sad to say. I still love the gun and will keep and shoot it. Enjoy!

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