New company getting into primer manufacturing

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Nov 23, 2013
Monroe County, MS
Good news for y'all reloaders. Expansion Industries based in TX is entering the primer market, but it may be a few months before they start selling direct to consumers.

There is a glimmer of hope for reloaders, however. Expansion Industries out of Carrollton, Texas, has entered the primer manufacturing arena and expects to begin shipping primers to wholesalers later in 2022. The author contacted the company regarding the future availability of primers and heard back from Rickie Smissen, Jr., Expansion Industries co-owner and national marketing director.

Smissen explained that the company was formed to fill the imbalance in the retail side and will be supplying both primers and ammunition to the commercial market in the coming months. Smissen noted that initial production will be allocated to its original equipment manufacturer customers first because "they took a chance on us and ordered when no one knew who we were."

Expansion's OEM customers (i.e., small to medium factory operations, mom and pop ammunition shops, online reloading supply retailers) will get their orders filled first before retail customers will be able to purchase product directly from Expansion, but Smissen added that, "eventually they will be able to do so."


Apr 17, 2002
Houston metro area, TX
This has been in the news for nearly a year, now. Expansion Industries has refurbed part of the old Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant in Texarkana to produce primers. Although I am unfamiliar with the details, the community on Texas Gun Talk had a lot of negative things to say about Expansion's past endeavors, with the words fraud and scam being used multiple times. I didn't live in this area when these activities allegedly took place, and I am unaware of any details. At any rate, I truly hope that EI has moved on from that behavior, and will provide an alternative source of readily available, high-quality, reliable, affordable primers for the reloader.