My 240 rnd. SR9 update (pics)

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Jan 7, 2010
Today I took my SR9 to the range for the second time, fired another 137 rounds through it. Rounds were, 17 magtech guardian golds 115 gr +p, 20 speer gold dots 147 gr, 50 federal 115 gr fmj, 50 wwb 115 gr fmj.

I am happy to say that the gun again fired all rounds without a problem! I am swaying towards the 147 gr gold dots for my carry ammo, they shoot pretty accurate for me. Also it seemed the the federal fmj was more accurate then the wwb fmj. But if you read my post about my first range trip, you know I am a new pistol owner, and this was only my second time firing a pistol. It was even more "FUN" this time!! I was the only one there for about 45 minutes, so I shot 5 rounds and then went and marked my target using different colored sharpies. Put about 20 rnds in each target, then put up a new one.

Then as I was checking my firearm....and holstering it, another person pulled in and asked if I minded if he shot a few with me. Of course I said, no..not at all. He was an older gentleman, he said he just got this new compact colt 45 and wanted to see how it shoots. So I step back and take a smoke break...and watch him. He set up, and then proceeds to put 8 rounds dead nutz center on his target :shock: He turns around and smiles at me and says "that's all I needed to see"! He packed his gun back in its case and we started having a conversation. From what I gathered by talking to him, I think he was a retired police officer..."murder investigations"...etc :shock: He also mentioned teaching shooting and etc. Anyway, it was a great conversation....I explained how I am a new handgun owner, he gave me some pointers and advice. He even said, after looking at my are doing pretty good for your second time at 30 ft...."just keep practicing"! Then he offers me one of his I can see it better (I print mine on sheets of paper at home), I said nah that's ok....he take it! So I took it and said thank you, we shook hands and he went on his merry way. We talked a good 20-30 minutes.

I gotta say, I have met some guys who are nothing but a gentleman...and this guy was top notch! Gotta love going to the range!

Ok, I just wanted to share that with you, thier really is some good people left in this world!

Now, I'm going to post some pics of the barrel of my SR9. I tried my digi cam...but the flash is screwing up the pics. So these pics are taken with my iphone, they are not the greatest. But, after 240 rnds...thier is not even a hint of any peening, or any other visible problem. I know it's not a lot of rounds through it, but other people have seen peening much earlier than 240 rounds. I will continue to update with pics as I shoot more. I feel (IMO) this is an excellent gun...looks good, shoots good...etc.

Here is some pics of the barrel:




I know the pics suck, but its the best I can do for now. laughing here, but here is a pic of one of my targets that I put 18 rounds in. I am no sharpshooter yet, but I am getting better, atleast they are all on the! These were the federal 115 gr fmj:


Thanks for reading my post, this is for people who may be considering an SR9 and anybody else who is interested. So far I think I got a good one!


Jul 14, 2007
Just like the man said, "Keep Practicing", it gets better as you go.